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Pollensa vaccination queue-jumping allegations return with a vengeance - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Cast your mind back, if you can, to a press conference that had been hurriedly called for the morning of the first of February. In terms of the progression of Covid and of the vaccinationdata shows, this can seem like eons agoeligibility had been limited, as hardly anyone had been vaccinated by then. But among those who had been was the Pollensa councillor for social welfarecombat this out of control criminal activity that cannot be stopped without Provincial and Federal support., Francisca Cerdà. The press conference was because she had been vaccinated. How had that come aboutI think extreme fatigue. Bone weariness i?

At that press conference were three people – Francisca Cerdà, the mayor of PollensaThe past seven days there have been a total of 221 new reported deaths, Tomeu Cifre, and someone who wouldn’t have been recognisable to most but was the director of the town hall-run care home in Pollensa, Toni Pons – the care home where Francisca Cerdà was vaccinated. In June, Pons was dismissed. This was apparently due to so-called work incompatibility. He had another job as well, one that he says that the town hall had known about.

Last weekend, Pons gave an interview. To say that this gave opposition parties at the town hall some ammunition would be an understatement. The three parties – Junts Avan?am, Alternativa per Pollen?a and Unidas Podemos – had previously denounced Cerdà and Cifre to the Anti-Corruption Office over what was claimed was a case of vaccination queue-jumping by Cerdà. They have now forwarded further details this office – those contained in Toni Pons’ interview.

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