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[Yihe doors and windows] at present, smart door locks, smart curtains and other forms of smart products have begun to appear and popularize, dazzling consumers. On the surface, it is not difficult for zhonglvmen enterprises to see that the intelligent field has become a huge outlet, and all walks of life have begun to join the intelligent field market. Therefore, aluminum door enterprises cannot give up the smart boom, and must enter it to explore boldly and find their own opportunities

the field of intelligence has become a new direction

in recent years, the concept of intelligence has been constantly created and disseminated by the national government and giant enterprises, and it has gradually entered the cognitive popularization of people. Aluminum door enterprises need to know that the current intelligent industry is rising rapidly with an unstoppable momentum, and with the progress of electronic technology, intelligent products have been constantly appearing in people's daily use items. Therefore, in the face of the new direction of the intelligent field, aluminum door enterprises also need to grasp the general trend and produce their own intelligent aluminum door products

the intelligent field has broad prospects

in fact, the concept of intelligence has been introduced for many years, and some giant aluminum door enterprises have also begun to contact the intelligent field for a long time, and some intelligent aluminum door products have been introduced to the market in succession. With the further dissemination and popularization of the concept of intelligence, it has become an upsurge, even leading various industries, including aluminum doors, and consumers' use of intelligent products has also been further cultivated. Therefore, the market potential of the intelligent industry is huge, and aluminum door enterprises should seize it and have a good prospect

at present, the domestic intelligent industry is in a growth period, and the market consumption concept has not yet formed. However, with the national policy support and normative guidance, aluminum door enterprises must boldly explore forward and look for opportunities for transformation and upgrading. The era of intelligence has arrived, and the industrial prospect is very broad

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