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Now people are increasingly pursuing the quality of life, and they often spend a lot of money on house decoration. So many people have chosen to use loans to decorate their houses. Now let's take a look at the 2016 China Construction Bank decoration loan processing strategy, hoping to help you who are about to decorate your house

2016 Construction Bank decoration loan processing strategy

I. 2016 Construction Bank decoration loan processing conditions:

1. Real estate certificate. If you don't have a house, you need to apply for decoration loan, but you can't

2. The owner's ID card of the real estate certificate. Many houses are shared by several people, so it is not necessary for all people to agree to apply for provident fund decoration loans

3. Household register, marriage certificate (unmarried people need to issue a single certificate at the Civil Affairs Bureau)

4. The housing provident fund account number applied by the borrower

5. If there is a bank loan in the property, the last bank statement must be provided

6. House decoration contract, budget statement and decoration down payment invoice signed with the decoration company. It is necessary to know where you use the money. Generally, the bank evaluates the decoration company after bumping into the special company, and then lends money

II. 2016 China Construction Bank decoration loan processing process:

1. Customer application. Customers apply to the bank, fill in the application form in writing, and submit relevant materials at the same time

2. Sign the contract. After the bank investigates and approves the application materials submitted by the borrower, both parties sign the loan contract and guarantee contract, and handle relevant notarization and mortgage registration procedures as appropriate

3. Issue loans. After the bank approves and completes all procedures, the bank will issue loans according to the contract

4. Repayment on schedule. The borrower shall repay the principal and interest of the loan according to the repayment plan and repayment method agreed in the loan contract

5. Loan settlement

III. precautions for handling decoration loans of China Construction Bank in 2016:

1. The term of decoration loans of China Construction Bank generally does not exceed 5 years

2. The special requirements in the decoration loan of CCB are: there should be housing decoration contracts, decoration budget estimates and relevant materials signed with decoration enterprises approved by relevant departments; In addition, some banks also require the owners to have their own funds of no less than 30% of the total decoration budget, and invest in the project construction before using the loan, so as to effectively earmark the funds

3. The decoration loan of CCB is a loan issued to the borrower for the decoration of self owned housing. The housing decoration mentioned here refers to the engineering activities of using decoration materials to decorate and process the housing. In other words, the property must be owned by itself

4. According to the regulations of China Construction Bank, cash withdrawal is generally not allowed for personal consumption loans. The bank will transfer the decoration loan of CCB to the account of the decoration company

the above is the 2016 decoration loan processing strategy of China Construction Bank. I hope you can borrow money smoothly and live in your new home quickly. For more decoration loan information, please pay attention to the housing finance office





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