Rural local tyrant style four rooms and two halls

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People are a very strange creature. For example, when people live in rural areas, they swear to work hard to live in the city in the face of backward, shabby and simple rural areas. When people live in urban life, they are tired of the busy and dirty city and want to return to that clean and simple rural area. The following Xiaobian will recommend this set of rural style decoration renderings with four bedrooms and two halls for you, so that you who are fascinated by rural life can have the most simple home space again

rural and pastoral decoration effect drawing of four bedrooms and two living rooms: the neat kitchen and white style home are typical modern home styles, and the spicy but not abrupt color of furniture is exactly what Italians prefer. This house really meets the needs of men and women. There are many windows, so the visual effect is expanded. Eating in such a kitchen feels first-class

rural pastoral decoration effect drawing of four bedrooms and two halls: compared with the bathroom, the bathroom is not so obvious Italian style. It is mainly white and marble, with exquisite hardware, and there is a large window next to the comfortable modern bathtub. Taking a bath in such a place is really intoxicating




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