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& amp; nbsp; & amp; amp; nbsp; Anyone who has been to the sales center should be familiar with the house type map

anyone who has been to the sales center should be familiar with the house type map. With the house type map, even if the house is still under construction, we can know what kind of house type structure our home is, and it is also convenient for us to make the desired design in advance

house type evaluation

this is a 96 ㎡ three bedroom and two living room house type diagram. In general, the house type is good. Enter from east to west, and the house type faces west; Transparent, ideal indoor ventilation; The overall plane is relatively regular, which is conducive to internal segmentation and high area utilization

lighting and ventilation

house type is two-way opposite side lighting, which belongs to convection, so the ventilation will be very good. Good ventilation is also an important indicator to protect the house from the influence of returning to the South sky. Such house type is particularly suitable for areas where returning to the South sky often occurs

Xiaobang class:

1 Generally speaking, the relatively square house type has good permeability, which can achieve the balance between lighting and ventilation and heat preservation

2. "Relative two-sided lighting" has the best ventilation (such as north-south, east-west), followed by "adjacent two-sided lighting" (such as East and south, South and West, West and North, etc.), and the effect of house type with only one-sided lighting and ventilation is the worst

dynamic and static zoning

the dynamic and static zoning of this house type is very reasonable. The static and dynamic zones are completely separated, with excellent privacy

Xiaobang class:

the separation of dynamic and static can ensure the smooth circulation of the daily life of the owner of the room, so that people who rest can rest at ease, people who walk around and entertain can rest at ease and do not interfere with each other

if the dynamic and static zoning is unreasonable, it is difficult to form a private space. People will feel uncomfortable living at home, and long-term residence will have a negative impact on the mood and health of the room owner

case appreciation

house type: three bedrooms and two halls

area: 96 ㎡

style: fashionable simple style

Design Description: the design of simple style has always been one of the main popular styles in the home. The overall design color of this case is mainly plain and elegant, and the elegant atmosphere sets off the warmth of the room; With lemon yellow and Matcha green colors, the whole home is full of fresh and natural flavor

master bedroom:

the master bedroom uses the main color of gray and white, with a touch of lemon yellow on the wardrobe, the overall look will not be too dull, simple and with a trace of active decoration, so that people can get a good relaxation in the room

second bedroom:

the children's room is equipped with three colors of pink, gray and white. A group of combined bookcases are designed on the left side of the door, with clothes hooks on the top to hang bags and clothes, and hollowed out on the lower two drawers, which plays a good role as a bedside table. The bookcase is semi open, easy to take and place, staggered and structured. Tatami first of all, it has strong storage performance. Secondly, it is flexible. If you put down the lifting table, you can lie down and rest. If you raise the lifting table, you can study, work, drink tea and entertainment. The integration of wardrobe and desk in the rear design has sufficient storage and learning space, giving children a warm and interesting space to be alone

living room:

it is also a good choice to use the TV combination cabinet as the TV background. The two black frame glass doors on the left side are designed to be more atmospheric. The movable sliding door in the middle and the four large drawers in the same color below add a sense of fashion. The interior of this cabinet is equipped with embedded display lights, which has a good decorative effect and makes the living room a highlight of the whole room


the combination of shoe cabinet and clothes and hats. Because the restaurant area is directly in front of it, the depth has been adjusted accordingly when designing the cabinet here, so that the whole large cabinet does not look dull. After the left side is shallow, a mirror is designed on the outer side plate to facilitate grooming when going out. The lower part is designed with hollowed out to facilitate the storage of shoes changed in and out of the door. The storage area is mainly concentrated on the top and right side, The color matching cabinet adopts dark gray metal color, and the cabinet door adopts light stone pattern, which makes the overall matching more harmonious


the desk in the study adopts a folding type, which can be hidden in the bookcase, so that it is convenient to use after the sofa bed is spread out. The overall bookcase integrates a large area of glass door, which is more light and transparent. Books of different heights can be placed in the different heights of the laminate design, so as to maximize the utilization rate

designer's suggestion: the 96 ㎡ house with three bedrooms and two halls is not large, so the design style should not be too complicated. Modern simplicity, Nordic style and other fresh styles are the best choice




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