General process in the early stage of decoration

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Time: 2 months before the decoration starts

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< 1. Learn decoration knowledge >

time: 2 months before the decoration starts

method: consult more people with decoration experience

< 2. Shopping in building materials City >

time: one month before the decoration starts

method: listen to the manufacturer's introduction and ask more questions

< 3 determine the decoration budget and design ideas >

you should first have a general idea of how much you want to spend on your decoration and what it looks like, and then contact the decoration company

< 4 compare decoration companies >

see more, listen more, compare more, and have a comprehensive understanding of the level of decoration companies. It is recommended to consult about 3-4 decoration companies

< 5 discuss the design scheme >

a good design should be dominated by your thoughts. Don't let designers casually control it. Their starting point may be to let you spend more money

< 6 confirm the quotation >

1 contracts can be negotiated

2 quotations should be reviewed item by item, and anything you don't understand should be written clearly, and you can't muddle through

< 7 choose a good construction team >

1 the level of the decoration team determines the quality of your home

2 be sure to visit the construction site of the construction team with your own eyes

3 write down the name of the foreman, and let this person lead the construction when signing the decoration contract

< 8 sign the contract >

1 sign as many supplementary terms as possible, and write everything you think of.

2 the contract should be sealed with official seal and notarized by the competent department

< 9 preparation for commencement >

1 go to the Property Office for formalities

2 pay the first installment of decoration

< 10 on site disclosure >

the designer, the supervisor, the foreman and the owner come to the site together to accept the materials and explain the design and construction parts

< 11. Waterway reconstruction, wall demolition and reconstruction >

1 the transformation cost is high, and on the premise of meeting the needs, it should be changed as little as possible

2 non bearing walls cannot be dismantled

< 12 medium term acceptance >

1 to inspect the quality of woodworking, it is best to invite experienced friends to accompany you for acceptance

2 to pay the additional cost of interim project payment

< 13 look at the furniture >

time: after the decoration starts

method: the color matching of furniture must consult the designer

< 14 kitchen and bathroom tile >

if it is an old house, it must be made waterproof again. The waterproof of the toilet is not less than 1.8 meters

the price of small bricks is higher than that of ordinary tiles

< 15 second project acceptance >

1 the hollowing of ceramic tiles should be less than 5%

2 the ceiling keel should be painted with fire retardant coating

3 the waterproof should be subject to 24-hour closed water test

< 16 install the finished door floor >

1 when laying the floor, check whether each package of floor is sufficient to prevent workers from stealing the floor

2 the size of the door should be determined by the door manufacturer and the floor manufacturer together to avoid inappropriate size

< 17 installing sanitary ware >

after the installation of sanitary ware, try not to let workers use it again

< 18 installation of lamp hardware >

1 multi bulb lamps should be controlled separately to ensure that only one group is turned on at a time, not all of them are turned on, so as to save electricity

2 the height of hardware installation must be tried personally for convenience




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