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Common quality problems and solutions of self-adhesive die-cutting in the production of self-adhesive labels, the die-cutting quality has the same status as the printing quality. What are the general requirements of the die pressure testing machine for users? The quality of the cutting directly affects the subsequent processes of label processing, and even eventually leads to poor products. Therefore, every link of self-adhesive die-cutting can not be ignored. In the self-adhesive label die-cutting processing, common die-cutting quality problems are: continuous die-cutting, die-cutting glue overflow, die-cutting base paper cutting through, etc. The following describes how to solve these common problems:

I. continuous die cutting

first, check whether the position of continuous die cutting is repetitive. If the path of China Xinda's multi product layout is repeated regularly, the problem must be related to the die-cutting knife. In this case, if it is circular die-cutting, the overall die-cutting pressure can be increased. As a result, the problem of continuous die-cutting may be solved and the wear of the die-cutting knife is accelerated. If the problem of continuous die cutting cannot be solved within the range of increasing the allowable pressure, then only a new die cutting knife can be replaced. If it is flat die-cutting, you can adjust the pressure locally

if the problem of continuous die cutting does not recur regularly, the problem may be caused by insufficient machine gear accuracy, material running tension and die cutting pressure. In this case, it is necessary to check the material running tension and adjust the die-cutting pressure

II. Die cutting glue overflow

die cutting glue overflow refers to the overflow of glue at the label edge after the label die-cutting process. It is a common defect of self-adhesive products. Glue overflow will cause problems such as label appearance defects, printing pollution, poor peeling, etc. The problem of die-cutting glue overflow is also solved from the following aspects:

1 Performance analysis of label materials: different types of materials have different types of adhesives and processing properties of adhesives. Therefore, before production, you should consult with the material supplier about the relevant performance characteristics and select the materials suitable for your processing technology

2. Control of label processing and storage environment: the temperature of label processing and storage environment should be controlled within the range of 23+/-3 ℃ and the humidity should be controlled within the range of 55+/-5%. Excessive temperature and humidity will improve the fluidity of adhesive. In actual production, we can clearly feel that during production in summer, the phenomenon of die-cutting glue overflow is common, on the contrary, it is rare in winter, which is the reason

3. Quality control of label die-cutting: sharp knives must be used to die-cut labels. Yichengxinneng 2015 includes moving the payload of the rocket during the flight process. At the end of the year, the obtuse blade of lithium battery cathode material will crush the label adhesive, resulting in glue overflow at the label edge during the die-cutting process. Too deep die-cutting pressure will also cause excessive extrusion of the label adhesive. Too shallow die-cutting pressure may cause the drawing of the adhesive during the die-cutting process, resulting in glue overflow on the label edge or label surface. Therefore, the choice of die-cutting knife is the key

4. Process control of label processing: it shall be avoided that there is sliding friction on the label during label processing. Die cutting glue is easy to accumulate on the parts with sliding friction with the label, and then pollute the label edge. The position of such glue overflow on the label will show obvious regularity and directionality

5. Label rewinding tension control: excessive rewinding tension will squeeze the label adhesive, and even cause the label to slip on the backing paper, which will cause the label to overflow. For non square shaped labels, due to the inconsistency of rewinding tension in the axial direction, it is easy to cause excessive local tension, resulting in local glue overflow of the label. Square labels with small area are also prone to label glue overflow because they bear greater pressure under the same pressure

III. cutting through of die-cutting base paper

on many manually labeled products, the phenomenon of cutting through of die-cutting base paper is very common, which is mainly due to the limitation of the accuracy of the customer's die-cutting device and the requirement of the labeling method for the non tension of the base paper; In the case of automatic labeling, the cutting through of die-cutting base paper will often lead to the end user to encounter the breakage of the label base paper during automatic labeling. Therefore, we should choose the hob die-cutting method with higher die-cutting precision

IV. other precautions

1 Do not use the die-cutting knife that has cut the paper to cut the film. Because the cutting edge has been worn after cutting the paper

2. In the process of die-cutting, use special marking pen or marking brush and other inspection tools to check the quality of die-cutting. Do not use only eye observation

3. Die cutting PET materials, we must use a sharp blade, after the hardness of the die-cutting knife

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