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Analysis of common problems and solutions of micro area scanning electrochemical workstation

micro area scanning electrochemical workstation is a new concept in the field of scanning probe electrochemistry. It is designed with the characteristics of ultra-high resolution, non-contact, spatial analysis and electrochemical measurement. Micro area scanning electrochemical workstation is a precise scanning microelectrode system with high spatial resolution. It can detect current in solution or apply current between microelectrode and sample. It is used to detect, analyze, or change the surface and interface chemical properties of samples in solution. The micro area scanning electrochemical workstation uses the fast and accurate nano resolution, closed-loop x, y, Z positioning system, and a convenient data acquisition system to enable users to select configurations according to their own experiments. The system is flexible and ergonomically designed to ensure the entry of the cell, sample and probe

brief introduction to micro area scanning electrochemical workstation:

1 Excellent performance

the fast and accurate closed-loop positioning system is specially designed for the needs of nano scale research of electrochemical scanning probes. In combination with Uniscan's unique hybrid 32-bit D graphene, the real arrival of the period also requires the use of flame retardant PP products for socket parts. See Table 2 photocathy AC technology. Users can choose the better configuration for appropriate experimental research

2 The advanced and flexible working platform

system can provide 9 kinds of probe technologies, making the m470 a flexible working platform for electrochemical scanning beach town

3. Comprehensive accessories

7 modules are available, 3 different electrolytic cells, various probes, long-range microscope and post-processing data analysis software

common problems and solutions of micro area scanning electrochemical workstation are as follows:

1. The software cannot be opened. Please confirm whether the instrument power is turned on, whether the computer connecting line is intact, whether the IP address is correct, and whether other wiring is normal

2. The scanner makes a sound when connected to the platform. Confirm whether to update scanner parameters; Integral gain and proportional gain should not be too large

3. According to the data, the needle was abnormal. Confirm whether the scanning electrochemical workstation scanner and sample are connected, whether the scanner is connected to the platform, and whether the probe and wiring are correctly connected; Whether the software is in STM scanning tunnel mode, whether various parameters are normal, and the logarithm of feedback control selection

4. The needle feeding has not been completed. Common solution injection problems are often in the state of incomplete injection. You can increase the bias voltage at an appropriate interval of 0.2 and then try to inject again; The probe tip is damaged, please replace it with a new probe

5. Abnormal needle feeding during STM scanning at the positioning point. Whether the probe is in the solution, withdraw the probe from the solution before entering the probe

6. STM test shows abnormal image or fault. Ensure that there is no vibration or noise around

7. The platform did not move during micro area scanning. Confirm whether the working mode of the micro area scanning electrochemical workstation is in the micro area potential state; Whether the stepping motor is turned on and whether the wiring is normal

8. The micro area scanning image is not displayed or the image is black. Confirm whether the background deduction is checked and whether the magnification is correct

9. The motor noise is too loud during sret scanning. Confirm whether the scanning rate of micro area scanning electrochemical workstation is too large and whether the scanning range is too large

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