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Common problems of gaobao EAE sks network maintenance

1 sks network

gaobao EAE network transplants the characteristics of WindowsNT network structure. Regional management servers are set up for regional management of each functional area. Each regional management server forms a star topology connection network, and the regional management servers are connected to the system server (master server). Sks network is ARCNET network of connection points based on star topology. Hub is used to connect cables of each section and distribute data to ank31 module of each section to distribute all signals received by one port to all ports. After the information sent from the console to ank31 module is processed, it is transmitted to kt98 module through the i/o interface of ank31 module to perform various printing operations, such as pressure closing, water supply, ink supply, etc

gaobao EAE printing operating system is connected through net Ethernet to display the status of each i/o module in the operating console, and activate each i/o module through the operating console. The i/o module has three display states on the console: red indicates that the i/o module is not activated; Yellow indicates that the i/o module has been activated, but the equipment in the i/o module management area may have defects; Blue indicates that the i/o module has been activated and the device is in a normal state

2 ank31 module fault diagnosis

gaobao EAE sks network uses an active hub, so it has the following characteristics: receiving data from one port and distributing and monitoring data through all ports; Check the data before turning. The old disc steel bar bending tester can meet the 180 degree positive bending test, correct the damage grouping and adjust the timing

become the largest utilization market of CFRTP. If the signal is weak but still readable, the active hub will restore it to a strong state before forwarding, which makes some devices with poor performance can be used normally. If the signal sent by ank31 module or kt98 is not strong enough, the signal amplifier of the active hub can continue the normal use of the equipment. In addition, the active hub can also tell which equipment has failed, thus providing a certain diagnostic capability

because the hub of sks network has the above features, the equipment can still be used normally when a module is displayed in yellow on the console. During startup and activation, the module at a certain position often appears yellow. At this time, if the execution equipment in the kt98 area is not abnormal, there may be a problem with the ank31 module. At this time, parts should be purchased and replaced. This state can last for 8 to 10 months. Ank31 module will not be able to obtain information from the hub

when the power on is activated, the module at a certain position is red. Check the indicator light of the hub. If the indicator light is abnormal, it indicates that there is a problem with the i/o interface at this position. Unplug the hub wire at the red position, and the indicator light and other positions display normally, indicating that the ank31 module at this position has been damaged

3 replace ank31 module

ank31 module is a special interface module for printing machine network developed by EAE Electronics Co., Ltd. in Germany, which has the function of reading and writing programs on site. The operating program is stored in the master server of gaobao EAE printing operating system. The driver of ank31 module can be automatically installed by clicking the operation interface. The steps are as follows:

1) turn off the power supply of ank31 module management area, replace with a new ank31 module, and restore power

2) install the driver. Ank31 module has two coding ports, as shown in Figure 2. 3 on the right is the address code of ank31 module, and 4 on the left is the information input code

step 1: set the new ank31 module address according to the original address code at the address code on the right

step 2: in the information on the left, for the selected demonstration projects, the provincial finance department gives a fixed fund support code, sets the switch 1 to the on position, and sets the new ank31 module information code according to the original information input code. At this time, the boot light on ank31 module starts to flash

step 3: input the program in the corresponding ank31 module program on the master server interface until the program is written and the boot light stops flashing

step 4: set switch 1 to the off position, and then press reset on ank31 module to activate the newly installed ank31 module

step 5: activate the i/o position module on the console

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