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Common problems and treatment methods of double-sided labeling machine

when using the double-sided labeling machine, we often encounter many problems, such as label warping, untidy labeling of the labeling machine, etc. Different problems have different solutions. If operators can handle these problems by themselves, they can not only save time, but also reduce production costs. The author brings us the common problems and treatment methods when using the double-sided labeling machine, as well as the matters needing attention when brushing the equipment

the problem of label warping of double-sided labeling machine can be solved in this way

for the problem of label warping, relevant personnel of Shanghai Xujie automation equipment Co., Ltd. said that first, soft label materials should be used as much as possible, and good label ductility will also greatly improve the label warping. Second, change the shape of the label. The operator can make the bottom end of the label into an arc to avoid the tail sealing deformation area as far as possible. It should be noted that the arc should not be too deep. If it is too deep, it will wrinkle the label and increase unnecessary trouble. For special-shaped tail sealing, the shape of the label needs to be changed accordingly, which can not only avoid label warping, but also increase the aesthetic feeling of alkali resistant glass fiber mesh cloth jc/t841 ⑴ 999

third, eliminate the influence of static electricity. The labeling process of the double-sided labeling machine is easy to generate static electricity, which will have an adverse impact on the labeling effect. In this regard, the personnel suggested that the humidity at the labeling site could be properly increased, and the use of ion fans was also an effective solution. However, some double-sided labeling machines are also equipped with automatic humidity control, which can control the internal cleanliness of the equipment independently. It can not only keep away from dust, improve the labeling quality of products, but also solve the problem of label warping and achieve visual effects

fourth, increase the viscosity of the label. For this method, we can start from three aspects. The first is to improve the surface quality of the pasted hose. In fact, the surface of many products is relatively polished. In addition, the leakage of contents and micropores in the pipe wall will cause warping. The second is to control the labeling pressure during the labeling process. Finally, remember to control the temperature during the labeling process. When the temperature rises, the activity of internal substances will also increase, which can increase the viscosity of the label

untidy labeling? Try to find the reasons from three aspects

in addition to the warping of labels, the untidy labeling is also one of the common problems in using the double-sided labeling machine. How can the operator solve or avoid such a problem? The staff of Shanghai Yipeng mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. provided relevant suggestions from three aspects

application environment. In fact, the environment is a factor that many people ignore. If the environment is relatively humid and the equipment is in a high-temperature working state for a long time, the labeling will be inaccurate. Therefore, the operator should put the double-sided labeling machine in the normal temperature working state, fix the meter and adjust the mark base

electrical reasons and problems of the product itself. According to the staff member, there are two kinds of electrical reasons, one is power, the other is detection. If the stop meter is inaccurate, the parameters of the beacon eye can be reset; If the measured object is inaccurate, the electric eye and amplifier of the measured object can be adjusted to make it accurately and neatly marked; If the transmission does not rotate or it rotates blindly, check and tighten the rotating parts. In addition, the untidy labeling may be the problem of the product itself. At this time, the operator needs to contact the manufacturer

don't ignore some precautions of the double-sided labeling machine

don't underestimate the brushing and washing of the double-sided labeling machine. It can't be solved simply by brushing and washing. There are many precautions to pay attention to. For example, high pressure and hot water jet devices cannot be used to clean the labeling machine; Keep electrical and electronic components dry at all times; Do not use high alkali and high acid detergent to clean the equipment; When cleaning the equipment, the water temperature is generally 30-40 ℃

in addition, operators such as Zhuanyi, Zhuanyi sponge, Zhuanyi gripper, backing strip, standard plate and standard plate jacket, glue should learn to find problems and eliminate them. Rollers, scrapers, standard boxes, etc. can be brushed with wet cloth. The surface of the equipment can be cleaned with wet cloth, wool brush, dry cloth, etc. There are many places to pay attention to when cleaning these parts. For example, when cleaning the standard plate and the standard plate jacket, the standard plate and the standard plate shaft should be placed in a warm water tank for cleaning. After cleaning, dry them in the air. If necessary, dry them with compressed air. Apply a little lubricating oil when installing the shaft end of the standard plate, so as to facilitate installation and disassembly. It should be noted that the standard plate must be placed upright or parallel

for example, when cleaning the surface of the equipment, use a brush to sweep away the broken glass and broken label paper on the surface of the equipment. Wipe the glue thrown out on the table with a wet cloth. After repair and cleaning, add 1 or 2 drops of sewing oil or watch oil. Wipe the protective cover with a dry cloth. The operator should pay attention not to use sharp instruments to remove the residual glue. The roller and shaft on the drum can be lubricated every day. Before refueling, remember to clean the nozzle that Westerners do not believe. Only by properly cleaning the equipment can the service life of the equipment be prolonged and the equipment be operated better

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