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Brief analysis on the causes of sudden leakage of mechanical seals for centrifugal pumps

sudden leakage of centrifugal pumps during operation due to aging and wear of mechanical seals is very rare. In most cases, the mechanical seal of centrifugal pump will leak suddenly due to improper operation and maintenance of staff or changes in surrounding working conditions

reasons for sudden leakage of mechanical seal for centrifugal pump:

1. The mechanical seal will be damaged to a certain extent when the centrifugal pump is pressurized for a long time, which may cause leakage problems. The evacuation and cavitation of centrifugal pump are also the causes of similar leakage problems

2. The failure of the mechanical seal may also be due to the fact that the actual delivery of the centrifugal pump meets the standard: the output is too small, which makes a large number of liquid media circulate continuously, so that the Shandong Branch of the materials Institute in the centrifugal pump is the first branch of the aluminum materials utilization research institute in cooperation with the enterprise. The temperature rises sharply, and then the liquid medium vaporizes, causing the failure of the mechanical seal

3. Large return flow of centrifugal pump will also cause damage to mechanical seal. When the return flow of the centrifugal pump exceeds the expected value, it will bring up the sediment at the bottom of the container on the side of the suction pipe. After the sediment enters the centrifugal pump, it will damage the mechanical seal and cause leakage

4. If the centrifugal pump is not in operation for a long time, manual barring is not used when it is restarted, and the adhesion of the friction pair of the mechanical seal is also one of the reasons for the damage of the sealing surface of the mechanical seal

5. The compatibility between the material of the mechanical seal and the working medium is poor, and the medium has strong corrosivity, polymerization or gelation, which will also damage the sealing surface of the mechanical seal and cause leakage

6. The working environment temperature difference of mechanical seal changes too much and too fast, the working condition changes too frequently and the sudden shutdown will also cause its leakage

the sudden failure of the mechanical seal of the centrifugal pump during operation and the leakage will cause great damage to the mechanical equipment, and even cause safety accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain regular inspection of the current mechanical seal of the centrifugal pump, ensure the correct operation, and take effective measures to reduce the above situation. 10. The rigidity of the experimental machine

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