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Brief analysis of precautions for the construction of glass brick partition wall

glass brick partition wall is also a kind of glass partition wall, but glass brick is built block by block, its sub quantity is larger than other glass partition walls, and its construction technology is also different from other masonry, so glass brick is prone to cracking, loosening, concave convex, and even fragmentation, affecting the decorative effect. Therefore, the following aspects should be paid attention to in the construction of glass brick partition wall:

1. Glass bricks should be built on the basis of two F6 ~ F8 reinforcement. The height of the foundation shall not be greater than 150mm, and the width shall be greater than the thickness of the glass brick by more than 20mm

2. Metal profiles are applied at the top and both ends of the glass brick partition wall, which will achieve a total output value of 2billion yuan by 2020. The width of the slot should be 10 ~ 18mm greater than the thickness of the brick

3. When the length or height of the partition is greater than 1500mm, set a steel bar every two layers in the vertical direction (when the length and height are more than 1500mm, set two steel bars); Set a steel bar every three vertical joints in the horizontal direction. The extension of reinforcement into the notch shall not be less than 35mm. The partition height of glass bricks reinforced with steel bars shall not exceed 4m, and the product potential is constantly explored

4. Sliding joints with a width of not less than 4mm shall be left at both ends of the glass brick partition wall and the two wings of the metal profile, and the joints shall be filled with linoleum; Expansion joints with a width of not less than 10mm shall be reserved between the glass brick partition board and the ventral surface of the profile to avoid damage to the glass brick partition wall

5. The top layer of glass bricks should extend 10 ~ 25mm into the notch of the top metal profile to prevent the glass bricks from being crushed by rigid extrusion

6. The joint between glass bricks shall not be less than 10mm and not more than 30mm

7. Glass should always pay attention to the problems found in the use of the experimental machine. The joint between glass brick and profile, profile and building should be sealed with elastic sealant

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