Brief analysis on the structure of the hottest cor

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Brief analysis of the structure of corrugated board production line

corrugated board can play an important role in promoting the temperature change rate of the rapid temperature change experimental box. The production line is a flow line composed of the rolling base paper through the processes of pressing corrugated, gluing, bonding, dividing and pressing, transverse cutting into specification paper boards, and finally output by coding

configuration of wet end equipment. In the whole corrugated board production line, the wet end equipment is the key equipment for corrugated forming, which mainly involves the influence of various factors such as base paper, glue, steam, etc. on the forming quality of paper

cadre equipment configuration. Among cadre equipment, slitter is the equipment that affects work efficiency, and its selection is very important

the configuration of the production management system, in addition to the monitoring of the production site, the production management system should have complete production data collection, statistics, printing and output

ink "> the carton production line is a new generation of automatic packaging line, which has the advantages of high production speed, good packaging quality, good compatibility and stable performance. Plastic has a lot of space to replace traditional materials. It is a high-tech product integrating machinery, electricity, instrument, gas and robot. It can distribute all kinds of items to be packed in the process of empty carton distribution, carton forming, item sorting and transportation, robot boxing, automatic folding and sealing, and machine The operations such as corner sealing, batch number printing, carton bundling, right angle turning, carton # word bundling, conveying, robot stacking, empty pallet distribution, solid pallet conveying, solid pallet top bundling, solid pallet horizontal bundling, pallet winding, solid pallet output, etc. are all automated

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