Brief analysis on the practical application of lum

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Brief analysis on the practical application of luminous ink

luminous ink is a high-tech resolution self luminous product that uses rare earth elements to activate alkaline earth aluminates and silicates. Their outstanding feature is that they absorb light in the bright place, absorb and store all kinds of visible light for more than hours in the dark place day and night after minutes. Their luminous brightness and duration are times that of traditional ins luminous materials, and they can be recycled for unlimited times. They do not contain any radioactive elements, and the screen printing effect is the best. Various materials can be printed

five varieties of luminous pigments: yellow green, red, sky blue, blue and purple

wide application of luminous pigments:

identification position: this material is used for electrical switches, remote control boards, wall switches, plugs, sockets, locks, portable flashlights, door handles, handrails, fire-fighting equipment, fire alarms, life-saving appliances, etc., which can mark the location of their existence for convenient use

prevention of danger: this material is used for signals, notes writing, emergency evacuation routes, subway stations, underground passages, civil air defense projects, karaoke halls, song and dance halls, projection halls, supermarkets, hospitals, railway stations, airports, wharves, shelters, etc. it can prevent danger

buildings: this material is applied to the walls of buildings, ceramic tiles, inner surfaces of elevators, bridges, roads, such as road signs, road studs, roadblocks, ports, outdoor advertisements, etc. it is not only beautiful but also of practical value. Others: such as handicrafts: amber, crystal sand, glass, painting; Toys: plastic toys, spell 15. First of all, consider the need to test the material tension range diagram and building blocks; Clothing: shoes and hats, gloves, work clothes, T-Shirts, cultural shirts, helmets, printed clothing; Calendar, fishing tackle, etc

all kinds of luminous pigments have their best use range and conditions. Please refer to the specific luminous pigment instruction manual or the price difference for technical consultation

precautions for use:

the pigment has a large proportion, so pay attention to mixing when using

it should be stored in a ventilated and dry environment, and pay attention to moisture resistance. The luminous pigments that cannot be used up at one time should be sealed and stored

metal materials have a great impact on the luminous performance, and contact with metal materials should be avoided as far as possible

packaging, transportation and storage of luminous pigments:

Packaging: the products are packed in waterproof plastic bags with desiccants; The outer packaging is packed in cardboard boxes or iron drums, or other forms of packaging can be adopted according to customer requirements

transportation: prevent mechanical collision and extrusion during transportation, keep the package intact, prevent exposure to the sun and rain, and do not stand upside down

storage: it should be stored in a ventilated and dry environment, and pay attention to moisture prevention

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