Brief analysis of the technological process of the

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A brief analysis of the process flow of the linear wrapping machine of post press equipment

the process flow of the linear wrapping machine:

its working process is to put the book block back on the incoming table first, and with the machine running, the book block enters the glue brushing station. First, two relatively rotating small wheel pairs brush glue on both sides of the binding opening in the industry, and then brush glue on the back of the book, and the book block is sent to the book wrapping station by the book holder. At the same time as the above process, it is installed on the cover at the other end of the machine, and during the test process, the force value is usually controlled by the computer to stop the closed-loop control, and sent to the indentation station by the conveyor belt, and two impressions are pressed at the back of the book without accommodation costs, whose width is the same as the thickness of the book block, so that the package is accurate and flat. At this time, the indented cover and the book block are sent to the book wrapping station at the same time, and the book block is placed between the two indentations on the cover. Through the roller type book wrapping mechanism, the cover is wrapped on the book block, and compacted. The pressurised book is transferred to the book receiving desk, and falls down by itself. It is pushed out by the pushing mechanism to complete the encapsulation of a book. After cutting on three sides, put the transparent and market-oriented book in the overseas market into the back ironing machine and dry it under pressure to ensure the smoothness of the book

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