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Brief analysis on the safety and packaging performance of food packaging

the flexible packaging materials of food mainly include polyethylene and polypropylene. The experimental machine meets the requirements of use, polyester, polyamide and other polymer materials. These packaging materials show great differences due to their own molecular structure, molding process and additives. Therefore, it is particularly important for food manufacturers to choose a packaging material suitable for their products, otherwise food safety problems will occur. For example, due to the poor barrier property of the material, the shelf life of liquid milk will be shortened and even deteriorate within a period of time. For the fresh-keeping film, if there is no appropriate amount of air permeability, the freshness of vegetables cannot be guaranteed

in order to keep food fresh during circulation and provide it to consumers safely and healthily, food packaging must be subject to safety inspection. Our requirements for food packaging performance are:

(1) solvent residue

packaging molding generally needs to go through blow molding, printing, compounding and other processes. In order to improve printability and speed, some solvents are generally added. Now the requirements for odor and potential toxicity are becoming more and more strict. The national standard stipulates that the solvent residue should be less than 10mg/m2, and the enterprise standard is generally higher than the national standard. The total amount is less than 7 mg/m2. Gas chromatograph can be used for detection and control

(2) barrier property

barrier property includes gas barrier and water barrier. Most of the reasons for food deterioration are due to the inappropriate barrier property of the selected materials. The selection of materials should be based on different bags, shelf life, storage conditions and other appropriate barrier materials. GB (standard for plastic composite film and packaging bag for liquid food packaging) issued at the end of 2005 proposed to use gb/t1038 (test method for permeability of plastic film) and gb/t1037 (test method for water vapor permeability of plastic film and sheet) to test the barrier property of packaging film. Because the barrier testing technology of materials is difficult, only Jinan Languang Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. has the ability to independently develop barrier testing instruments in China

(3) tensile properties

the film is subjected to mechanical tension during packaging and external forces such as extrusion during transportation, which requires that the film must have sufficient tensile strength. For the composite film, it should be ensured that there is no delamination between the film layers, which requires that the composite film has a high peel strength to avoid material delamination. The intelligent electronic tensile machine can be selected to control the tensile properties and peel properties according to gb/t 13022 (test method for tensile properties of plastic films)

(4) film smoothness

the film surface should have good smoothness to ensure its smooth high-speed packaging. It should be measured according to GB 10006 (method for measuring the friction coefficient of plastic film and sheet). Generally, the dynamic friction coefficient of the film surface is required to be 0 4. When considering the friction coefficient, special attention should be paid to the fact that in order to improve the combination fastness of ink and substrate and improve the printing speed, the printing ambient temperature should generally be increased. Most of the metal parts of the equipment operate at a high temperature above 50 ℃. However, the increase of temperature has a great impact on the friction coefficient, because under high temperature conditions, the thermal movement ability of macromolecules of polymer materials is strengthened, the activity speed is accelerated, the molecular gap becomes larger, and the friction coefficient of thin films will change with the change of surface properties. It should be noted here that the surface friction coefficient of materials will change greatly with the increase of temperature. Fpt-f1 friction coefficient/peel tester can be used to measure the dynamic and static friction coefficient of materials at extraordinary temperature (room temperature -99.9 ℃)

(5) heat sealing performance

problems that are prone to occur in the production process include leaky sealing, false sealing, sealing leakage, sticking head, wiredrawing, sealing rupture, poor heat sealing strength, etc., and it is required that the faster the canning speed is, the better. The deviation of parameter setting will affect the packaging appearance and food safety, which requires that the heat sealing instrument should be used to conduct necessary test confirmation on the heat sealing temperature, heat sealing time and heat sealing pressure of the heat sealing machine before automatic packaging, Improve efficiency and avoid waste

(6) ink performance

in addition to the general adhesion and wear resistance with the substrate, the requirements of food packaging film on ink should also be able to meet the requirements of sterilization and boiling treatment, as well as frost resistance and heat resistance, so as to ensure that the ink will not fall off and condense during transportation and storage. It can be tested according to GB 7707 (concave 4, force sensor: measurement range 0-20kn version of decoration printing) using a printing combination fastness tester

for food safety and displaying torque/axial force time, AQSIQ has comprehensively improved the positive development ability of vehicle structure. In 2005, AQSIQ implemented a mandatory product certification management system (i.e. 3C certification) for food packaging. Products produced by enterprises must pass the inspection before they can be put into the market. Therefore, the author suggests that for packaging products and food manufacturers, the testing of food packaging materials must be carried out, and it is more important to choose a well-known enterprise specializing in the production of packaging testing instruments

source: Jinan Languang Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd

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