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Former US Treasury Secretary: automation is the biggest enemy of the middle class

the unemployment rate is as low as 4.3%, and the US job market seems to be improving. However, in the view of former US Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, the increasingly popular automation has led to the hollowing out of the middle class

Summers said in an interview with American media Axios that the decline in labor demand caused by technology is not just a fantasy, but a general trend that has shaped the economy and society in the past 40 years

to illustrate this problem, summers gave a set of data: in 1968, the unemployment rate of Americans of prime age was 5%; Today, the figure reaches 15%. The labor participation rate of this age group in the United States is 80.9%, lagging behind most Western European countries

Summers said that if this trend continues, by 2050, one-third of Americans will not work

this is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down

before that, we may not see drivers replaced by (autonomous vehicle), truck drivers, taxi drivers or couriers replaced, but this must be what is happening now

Michael Chui, partner of McKinsey Global Research Institute, previously said that half of the paid work in the modern labor force can be automated

in our research, we try to consider the possible scheme of technology evolution, how the price of self elevating (green) automation will decline, and possible. Although China has established and explored a series of potential results of automation of plastic waste material source reuse

considering all these factors, automation will come soon for the affected people and industries. For the macro-economy, the arrival of automation will be relatively slow

he also said that in the future, every work will change due to automation to a certain extent, so people need to adapt to the rapidly changing working environment

however, some people do not agree that automation will impact employment. Natixis Bank of France believes that from 2002 to 2016, with the increase of industrial robots, manufacturing employment also increased. In the end, manufacturing automation will not only not destroy employment, but also create more employment in other sectors:

automation has increased the income of industrial workers who design and use robots, which will mainly enter the service industry and create more employment in the service industry; At the same time, automation further reduces the price of products, brings greater purchasing power to the whole people, and then creates greater demand and employment

Friend 1: Drucker was talking about automation 60 years ago, right? Will it destroy employment? No, in fact, it creates more jobs, and the industrial chain it can bring is different from that of a single individual. And even from the perspective of results, there is no phenomenon that robots take jobs everywhere in the world

friend 2: in those days, some people said that the emergence of cars would cause the unemployment of the coachman

friend 3: automation increases the service industry? Economists who brainwash China. All robot production is destined to squeeze consumption and employment. Otherwise, what will the United States do to return manufacturing? OE and its supporting follow-up equipment, plastic extrusion molding machine, is called auxiliary machine. CD is all medium and low-end

friend 4: computers have also destroyed overall employment. But you can only keep up and lead, or it will be a tragedy

friend 5: the stock of industrial robots and the employment of manufacturing industry show the same growth trend, and the real correlation between the two cannot be determined. Because the growth of employment may also be caused by many other factors

friend 6: industry 4.0 is honey for some countries and arsenic for some countries

Youqi: just change the employment structure ~

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