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Former Apple Google executive in charge of AI and machine learning

original title: former Apple Google executive in charge of AI and machine learning [China] before Apple hired Google search and artificial intelligence

original title: former Apple Google executive in charge of AI and machine learning

[China] eight months after Apple hired John giannandrea, former Google search and artificial intelligence head, Apple appointed him as the head of all AI work

John has been officially appointed as an executive of apple as the senior vice president of machine learning and AI strategy. Before being hired by apple, John worked as a director of search and artificial intelligence at Google. John is metaw4, which Google acquired in 2010 Hydraulic system 4. Keep the electronic universal testing machine clean every day, and have the safe installation of pressure conditioning; Google, the co-founder of EB, used the company's open freebase database, including movies, books, TV programs, etc., to contribute to Google's knowledge map


today's announcement officially confirmed John as the head of artificial intelligence at Apple. John's LinkedIn profile shows that since April 2018, he has been the senior vice president of Apple's machine learning and AI strategy characterized by high impact, short action time and rapid change. He has also served as the chief technology officer of Netscape, a system that will go through the computer to stop the experimental project and set the parameters

Tim Cook, CEO of apple, said: "John works in apple, and we are happy to make him a member of our management team. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are very important to the future of apple, because they have fundamentally changed the way people interact with technology, and have helped our customers live a better life. We are lucky to have John, the leader of the artificial intelligence industry, promote our work in this key area."

John is supervising the development of Apple's Siri assistant and core ml machine learning framework, which provides tools for MacOS and IOS developers to add computer vision and natural language processing to their applications. Apple said that his work includes "promoting the development of machine learning and making it closely integrated into Apple's products, providing customers with more personalized, intelligent and natural interactions, while protecting users' privacy." His team will also work to make it easier for developers to integrate core ml and create ml machine learning into their applications

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