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Formulation and production process of various PVC packaging film sheets

non toxic polyvinyl chloride is the content of VCM monomer in PVC resin below 1ppm. If various additives are also non-toxic in the formulation of PVC resin, the produced PVC film and sheet can be used as packaging materials directly in contact with food and drugs. In general, because the content of vinyl chloride monomer in PVC is more than 1ppm, VCM has strong carcinogenicity, so when its products are used in packaging, they can only be used in non food and pharmaceutical products, such as the packaging of industrial products. Various PVC packaging films and sheets are introduced as follows

I. formula and production process of general packaging PVC film and sheet

general purpose and formula of PVC packaging film and sheet are shown in Table 1

the formula of PVC film sheet for packaging produced by extrusion method is shown in Table 2

pvc packaging films and sheets can be produced by calendering, extrusion blowing, extrusion salivation and solvent salivation, but calendering and extrusion blowing are the most widely used. When producing the transparent diaphragm of hard PVC micro invasive peek guide tail (aiming rod), it is best to use a four roll calender. The detection speed is fast. When measuring, placing the test piece vertically on the torque disc can have good transparency and physical and mechanical strength, while the three rolls are slightly worse. The process flow is as follows: Formula - high speed mixing - two roll plastic refining - two roll feeding - four roll calendering - stripping - cooling - coiling. The high-speed mixing temperature is below 110 ℃, the two roll plastic refining temperature is ℃, and the plastic refining lasts for 30min, The temperature and speed of the four roll calender are as follows:

1 # roller 199 ℃ 8m/min

2 # roller 199 ℃ 9.5m/min

3 # roller 199 ℃ 12m/min

4 # roller 197 ℃ 12m/min

stripping roller temperature 105~110 ℃ 21m/min

calendering roller 100 ℃ 21m/min

guide roller 80 ℃ 22c M/min

cooling roller 40~60 ℃ 23m/min

the addition of MBS in the formula is conducive to the fluidity of PVC film sheets, The strength, toughness and low-temperature impact strength of the diaphragm are improved, and the surface finish of the diaphragm is good. In addition to MBS, ABS (used in opaque formula), EVA, ACR, CPE and other materials can also be used. The above formula can be used in the formula of rigid PVC heat shrinkable film,

at this time, MBS can improve the extensibility of PVC film, and has good vertical and horizontal extensibility in the production of heat shrinkable film

II. Formula for winding PV stretched film

wrapping film is also called stretched film, selfadhesires film and elastic film. This kind of film is made of the good viscoelasticity of the film after production. During the packaging operation, it is automatically or manually stretched and wrapped on the surface of the goods to achieve the purpose of protecting the use value of the goods. Self adhesive film must have the following performance requirements: ① good tensile strength, sufficient impact strength and pinhole resistance; ② It should have good viscoelasticity and extensibility, which is convenient for tension winding when in use; ③ Good performance of maintaining tension and small relaxation, so that the packaged stretch film always has a large tension on the packaged goods, so as not to relax and loosen; ④ Have good transparency, so that customers can see the goods easily; ⑤ When packaging food and drugs, it is required to be non-toxic; ⑥ The price is reasonable and competitive; ⑦ The surface is sticky

winding packaging is not only used in small commodities and daily necessities, but also widely used in container packaging of building materials, such as steel, aluminum alloy, plastic pipes, decorative plates, refractory bricks and so on. Therefore, it is widely used. PVC is a kind of material with low price, excellent comprehensive performance, easy modification and molding. Therefore, PVC winding film has a broad prospect

in order to make PVC viscoelastic, it can be achieved by adding at least one of the following in the formula: ① plasticizer: in particular, the amount of sub plasticizer is slightly excessive, and the addition of plasticizer makes PVC soft and elastic to a certain extent. Because the sub plasticizer and incremental plasticizer are incompatible in PVC, if they are added too much, they will leach to the surface of the product and become sticky; ② The addition of viscoelastic materials such as nitrile rubber, neoprene and EVA; ③ All kinds of internal and external lubricants, such as liquid paraffin, amide lubricants, higher alcohols, etc

the formula of various PVC winding packaging films is as follows:

Formula 1: non food packaging

PVC resin, Suspension grade resin 100 parts weight

mbs or ABS resin 6~7phr

dop phr

tribasic lead sulfate 3.5phr

dibasic lead phosphite 2.5phr

ca St 1phr

dioctyl sebacate phr

cpe 2.5phr

stearyl alcohol 1.5~2phr

titanium dioxide (rutile type) 2phr phr

formula 2: transparent film of food packaging

PVC resin, Suspension 3~5 type 100 parts weight

mbs phr

dop phr

Dioctyltin laurate 2.5phr

epoxy soybean oil 3~5phr

cpe 2.5phr

oleic acid amide or shepherd's purse amide 1 Phr

formula 3: the transparent wrapping film instrument for food packaging is equipped with a data collection system, which can record the changing Bailey value and shape during the experiment process: there is an instrument with an extensometer

PVC resin, suspension type 100 parts weight

nitrile rubber P83 powder 6~7phr

DOP phr

Dioctyltin laurate 2.5phr

ca st 0 Phr

liquid paraffin 1.5~2phr

butyl stearate 0 Phr

CPE 2.5phr

III. The formula of antistatic PVC packaging film and sheet

additives of antistatic agents Sn, HK, EB and hicd-813 can be added to the PVC formula to obtain antistatic conductive film, which can be used to package packaging materials with electromagnetic shielding function, or to prevent dust from adhering to the film

Formula 1: non toxic anti-static PVC packaging film (transparent)

PVC, suspension type 100 parts weight

DOP phr

dioctyl tin dilaurate 2.5phr

epoxy soybean oil phr

antistatic agent EB or hicd-813 5phr

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