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Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Environmental Protection Department, the Guangdong Provincial Meteorological Bureau and the Foshan Municipal People's government signed a cooperation agreement to jointly strengthen the scientific and technological support for air pollution prevention and control, and jointly build the Foshan atmospheric environment super observatory

the super station aims to make comprehensive use of multi parameter, three-dimensional and high time-resolved atmospheric environment observation equipment, carry out observation and Research on atmospheric composite pollution from the perspective of chemistry, optics, spectroscopy and simulation, explore the migration and transformation characteristics of atmospheric pollutants in East Asian monsoon control areas and rapid urbanization areas, and reveal the process and mechanism of regional atmospheric composite pollution in order to evaluate its low-speed impact performance, Clarify the ozone and photochemical pollution laws in the southeast coastal area, and identify the sources and causes of air pollution at the sea land interface, so as to provide data support for regional air pollution regulation and environmental improvement

the super station has more than 30 observation instruments, including five observation modules, including atmospheric conventional meteorological parameters, air quality conventional parameters, aerosol physical and chemical properties, photochemical pollutants and precursors, and heavy metal pollutants such as atmospheric mercury. The main second reason is that most of the important instruments are composed of changes in environmental humidity where the experimental machine is located, including conventional air quality monitors, particulate matter water-soluble ion chromatography monitors Single particle aerosol mass spectrometer, aerosol chemical composition mass spectrometer, VOCs monitor based on time-of-flight mass analyzer, ozone lidar, particle lidar, particle size spectrometer, atmospheric visibility meter, aerosol photometer, aerosol turbidity meter and atmospheric mercury monitor

it has received funding from the center of excellence and innovation for regional atmospheric environment research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Preparatory), the special project for haze recovery and control of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the key deployment project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the joint Strait fund project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the people's Government of Fujian Province, and the special project for national financial repair and purchase, It has also received strong support from institutions such as Anhui Institute of Optics and precision machinery of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Xiamen Environmental Protection Bureau, with a waste volume of 54.74 million tons of China's waste foam granulator

after completion, it will further improve the scientific research equipment conditions of the Institute of urban environment in the field of atmospheric environment research, provide a good observation platform for in-depth regional air pollution research, provide a carrier for joint observation and scientific research exchanges in the field of atmospheric environment at home and abroad, and provide technical support and decision-making basis for air quality assurance during the upcoming 2017 BRICs leaders' meeting in Xiamen

at the same time, the provincial environmental protection department and the Provincial Meteorological Bureau cooperate to establish a real-time shared database of ambient air quality, meteorological element observation data information and numerical simulation, data assimilation and analysis results, and establish a smooth data information exchange mechanism. Although the plastic models of Nokia and apple are ephemeral. The three parties will also strengthen cooperation in air pollution prediction, consultation and analysis, scientific and technological support for regional air pollution prevention and control, and create an advanced research platform for air pollution prevention and control. "We plan to build an ecological scientific research and test base based on Foshan." Huangwenmu, deputy director of the provincial environmental protection department, said that the signing of the cooperation agreement will promote the tripartite cooperation to a deeper level and promote the construction of a beautiful Foshan

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