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Haida carton compression testing machine entered the Jiu San group

Haida carton compression testing machine entered the Jiu San group, which is another major grain and oil enterprise after our partner relay Guangzhou Yihai grain and oil. It is understood that Jiu San group (Tianjin) soybean a3=2.3w1f1 LG Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern soybean oil deep processing enterprise with advanced equipment, standardized management and strong strength! Many production processes use the production equipment and processing technology of the United States and Germany Shanxi Aluminum Plant to cultivate and develop industrial product manufacturing, so the product quality is excellent

of course, excellent products cannot be separated from excellent quality, and excellent quality comes from excellent testing! The test instrument purchased this time is HD microcomputer carton compression machine, which only tests the compression resistance and stacking test of cartons and plastic bottles. Jiu San group purchases this product mainly for the incoming inspection of the purchased cartons, which not only checks the quality, but also ensures that the suppliers indeed produce and deliver the products according to the requirements! Because the products of Jiu San group are mainly packed in cartons and plastic bottles, the inspection of these packages is also very important and essential! In addition to the compression test, the carton test also includes cracking test and edge and ring pressure test, while the plastic bottle test also includes tensile test, yellow aging resistance test, etc. Therefore, with the development of Jiu San group, on the basis of this first cooperation, the two companies will have more exchanges and cooperation with the progress of technology

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