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Haida cooperates with Shenzhen Chengxing packaging equipment Co., Ltd.

Haida cooperates with Shenzhen Chengxing packaging equipment Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Haida instrument is mainly responsible for the research of packaging test equipment. 2. Rust proof oil should be applied to rusty parts or accessories that are not used for a long time, such as fixtures, jaws, connecting pins, etc If the jaw ruler is partially blocked, please clean it with a steel brush dipped in gasoline, and do not use solid tools for liquidation Corrosion is one of the main conditions that destroy fasteners, which will cause great losses to automobiles, motorcycles, and various vehicles and machinery Distribution offices are located in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing and Hong Kong. As the first shot of the new year, through continuous accumulation of professional knowledge and product quality, the salesperson successfully signed a contract with Shenzhen Chengxing packaging equipment Co., Ltd. to control the extrusion molding production line and purchased a set of tension machine equipment from our company

Haida instrument specializes in the production of tensile machines and tensile testing machines, focusing on quality and customer service. Tensile machines are widely used in all kinds of hardware, metal, rubber and plastic, footwear, leather, clothing, textiles, insulators, wires and cables, terminals and other materials to test their tensile, tear, peel, compression, bending and shear resistance, three-point bending and other physical properties

the headquarters of Chengxing Weiye was settled in Shenzhen in 2004. Together with Shenzhen Chengxing packaging equipment Co., Ltd., it is one of the subsidiaries of Chengxing Hong Kong Group Co., Ltd. Chengxing Weiye is a private enterprise integrating production and processing. It is a large-scale manufacturer of adhesive tape and winding stretch film. Facing the ever-changing information age, the company will continue to improve and optimize, and establish a set of production and service system with Chengxing characteristics, so as to better serve our customers

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