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Haier/Haier eg10014bd959wu1 rosecare 10kg direct drive drum washing machine evaluation comments

recommendation of Haier New washing machine: Haier/Hai has extended its product development from the simple production of aluminum alloy bars to plates, profiles, high-end electronic profiles, rail transit light-weight composite metals, etc. Haier eg10014bd959wu1 rosecare 10kg direct drive variable-frequency drum washing machine has the characteristics of intelligent cradle, soft washing, ABT double spray loading, light and stable action, etc, Take a look at the detailed introduction and comments of drum washing machine

haier/Haier eg10014bd959 clinical symptoms can be improved wu1 rosecare configuration features [View official quotation comments]

Haier eg10014bd959wu1 rosecare specification parameters [

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Product Name: haier/Haier eg10014bd959

washing machine brand: haier/Haier

Haier washing machine model: eg10014bd959wu1

Product Type: drum washing machine

mode of use: fully automatic

washing procedure:, mixed washing, down jacket washing

energy efficiency grade: Grade I

motor type: variable frequency motor

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