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Haida achieved a perfect conclusion in Shenzhen International adhesive tape exhibition

Haida achieved a perfect conclusion in Shenzhen International adhesive tape exhibition

the Eighth International adhesive tape, protective film and optical film (Shenzhen) exhibition was successfully held and successfully concluded in Shenzhen in October 2012. As a well-known enterprise in China's testing instrument industry, Haida instrument attended the exhibition and received unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad, contributing its own strength to the development of the tape industry in the future

Haida Instrument Co., Ltd., as a professional manufacturer of tape testing equipment, its products are deeply loved by manufacturers in the industry. In this Eighth International adhesive tape exhibition, the display content, level and trade effect of Haida instrument will lead to the depletion of internal logic units and services, which have been recognized by the industry, as well as the full support of many industry associations, exhibitors and buyer groups at home and abroad

in this exhibition, Haida's products with low strength on display include more than ten basic physical property testing instruments, such as universal material tensile and compressive strength testing machine, programmable constant temperature and humidity testing chamber, constant temperature and humidity tape retention force testing machine, etc. Compared with the beginning of 2016, both automation and advanced technology of the instrument are industry-leading, and they are favored by customers at this exhibition. With its high-quality products and perfect services, Haida has obtained opportunities to cooperate with a number of customers at home and abroad

over the years, Haida has adhered to the purpose that quality originates from precision and quality creates the future, actively developed science and technology, actively expanded its application fields and improved services, and a set of whole process assured integrated service system has made it a leader in the industry. The company has advanced processing equipment, exquisite manufacturing technology, and pays attention to the development and maintenance of human resources. For a long time, it has cultivated a strong R & D and manufacturing team to provide a strong guarantee for manufacturing high-quality products

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