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2020 development prospect and trend analysis of vehicle mounted display industry

vehicle mounted display is essentially a vehicle mounted TV, which can be used on similar sports tools in cars, and is convenient for use in car sports. Vehicle TV is simply the mobile reception of digital TV (different from digital TV), mainly including set-top box, LCD, antenna, vehicle power depth of not less than 30cm, etc. In order to facilitate installation and use, a variety of vehicle mobile TV products have been developed, such as desktop vehicle TV, baffle vehicle TV, top suction vehicle TV, rearview mirror display and so on

2020 development prospect and trend analysis of vehicle mounted display industry

vehicle mounted display is mainly used for reversing or advertising on buses, subway trains, etc., as long as the mainstream products in the market have functions such as TV, audio, readable SD card, USB, etc. Some products are developing in the direction of on-board computer displays. In the future, on-board displays will be connected with more cross era technologies

car 1. Maximum static experimental force: the basic specifications of 2Kn load display must provide anti dust and anti-seismic functions. In terms of temperature, it must be able to withstand the high and low temperature differences of -30 ℃ ~+85 ℃ and 120 ℃, because the liquid crystal in the liquid crystal panel will freeze in the low temperature environment, resulting in the failure of normal display or the complete destruction of display ability

with the rapid growth of the global market, the on-board display will also usher in a period of rapid growth. According to the forecast, the shipment volume of vehicle LCD will reach 160million units in 2018, more than quadrupling from 61.7 million units in 2012; During this period, the annual average growth rate of the overall LCD shipment was between 15 and 23%. With the increase in the shipment of digital cars or smart cars, the demand for on-board displays in three aspects, namely, "CID (central information display)" in the center console of the car, the "instrument cluster" in the front of the driver's seat, and the "HUD (head up display)" of the driver's front field of vision display information, will exceed 100 million

from the current development trend of vehicle display, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China and Mainland China all have their own advantages. Although Taiwanese suppliers have achieved good results in the automotive media console market, the automotive dashboard display market is still dominated by Japanese suppliers, mainly due to the high barriers to the entry of dashboard displays. For example, qunchuang is the exclusive supplier of Tesla models17 inch media central console for shoulder samples to adopt suspension structure, etc.), but the 12.3-inch dashboard display is provided by Japan JDI. Another disadvantage is that there is only Na Zhijie, a local automobile enterprise in Taiwan, and Taiwan relies on international brand technology. Both Japan and South Korea have strong auto industry chains, which is the main reason why Japanese and South Korean manufacturers can win in the auto panel market. In addition to Japanese and Korean manufacturers, Chinese mainland suppliers are bound to become strong competitors in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. China has become the world's largest auto market, and Chinese local brand cars also have strength and scale

the on-board display is close to human-computer interaction. According to the survey, in the past two years, the proportion of the post-80s and post-90s has risen rapidly, and has become the mainstay of market consumption. Simple audio-visual functions can no longer meet the current consumer needs. Full graphic digital instruments, GPS navigation, on-board multimedia audio-visual entertainment, vehicle status display, remote fault diagnosis, wireless communication, network office, information processing, intelligent transportation assisted driving, etc. have become the new fashion that consumers are keen on. In the era of intelligence, the full interaction between people, vehicles and the environment will become the key direction of the development of vehicle machine system. Major automobile manufacturers are also moving in this direction

"Research Report on supply and demand trends and investment risks of China's vehicle mounted display industry in" was written by the China Research Institute for advanced technology. This report analyzes the development status of China's vehicle mounted display industry and its sub industries, the development status of upstream and downstream industries, market supply and demand situation, new products and technologies, and focuses on the development status and characteristics of China's vehicle mounted display industry, as well as the challenges that China's vehicle mounted display industry will face The development strategy of the enterprise, etc. The report also makes a detailed analysis of the development trend of the global vehicle mounted display industry, including 10. Working power supply: 220V ~ 240V, and studies and judges the trend of the vehicle mounted display industry. It is the vehicle mounted display production and management enterprises, scientific research, investment institutions and other units that accurately understand the current development trends of the vehicle mounted display industry

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