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Haihong old man announced to raise prices globally

Haihong old man announced to raise prices globally

March 1, 2021

due to the continuous rise in raw material prices, the world-renowned paint manufacturer Haihong old man will also raise the sales prices of paint products and solutions

compared with the beginning of 2020, the cost of main raw materials required for the production of coatings has increased significantly, and this trend continues

for example, from January 2020 to January 2021, the cost of epoxy resin in Europe increased by 60%, that in North America increased by 40%, and that in North Asia increased by 20% (source: data on epoxy resin and liquid spot from British consulting firm technon orbithem). Over the same period, global zinc prices rose by more than 16% and copper prices rose by more than 30% (source: London Metal Exchange)

"due to the rising demand for global raw materials and the challenges of logistics, the prices of major raw materials continue to rise. This has a serious impact on global supply, forcing prices to rise." Michael Hansen, executive vice president and chief business officer of Haihong old man, said

he also said: "in the past 12 months, we have tried our best to control and absorb the rise in costs. However, due to the continuous rise in raw material prices, we can no longer fully offset the related impact of the rise. We have to raise the prices of coating products and solutions. But our focus is still to bring value to global customers and serve customers wholeheartedly."

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hempel announcements global price increase

leading coatings manufacturer Hempel will increase sales prices of products and solutions as raw material prices continue to calibrate

The cost of key raw materials used in the manufacturing of coatings is now significantly higher compared to the beginning of 2020, and the trend is continuing.

For example, from January 2020 to January 2021, the cost of epoxy increased by 60 per cent in Europe, 40 per cent in North America and 20 per cent in North Asia (source: Technon Orbichem Epoxide Resins; Liquid Spot). In the same period, the price of zinc increased more than 16 per cent globally, while copper prices rose more than 3 oil flows back to the oil tank 0 per cent (source: London Metal Exchange)

“We’re witnessing an ongoing rise in prices for key raw materials due to increased global demand for feedstock as well as logistic challenges. This has a heavy impact on global supply and contributes to higher prices,” says Michael Hansen, Executive Vice President Chief Commercial Officer at Hempel.

He continues: "We have made every effort to control and absorb the increases over the experimental results. The output results can be set arbitrarily: maximum force value and elongation last 12 months. it is no longer possible for us to fully absorb the effects as raw material prices continue to rise. We have no other option than to increase the is a perfect material for developing 3D printing materials prices of products and solutions. our focus remains on Deli vering value to and serving our customers across the world.”



Sandra baekby Hansen, communication manager

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phone: +45 2137 2985

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