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Haibao printing is determined to become an "aircraft carrier" for rapid printing

over the years, the competition in Cangnan printing industry is extremely fierce. Especially in the context of economic turbulence in 2008, Cangnan printing also experienced a "sharp decline in the output value of small enterprises and the profits of large enterprises". Many printing plants have reduced their expenditures for the "winter", and more than 40% of printing enterprises are not optimistic about their operation. As a result, some printing enterprise bosses began to focus on emerging industries such as real estate, and some printing enterprises moved out of town for cost reasons. In this severe situation, Mr. Huang lvshou, general manager of Wenzhou Haibao and post-80s printer, with his innovative thinking, indomitable spirit, confidence in the development of the printing industry and trust in Heidelberg, has successively introduced Heidelberg speedpa sm52 four-color machine, yinba pm52 four-color machine, speedpa sm52 six color machine equipped with high stack paper receiving device, and another speedpa sm52 four-color machine in 2010, It has become a large-scale small format printing enterprise in Cangnan County

although Huang lvshou is only 26 years old this year, he can also be regarded as an "old printer". In 1999, Wenzhou Haibao started with a Heidelberg two seal tag; In 2004, they bought a second-hand Heidelberg printer GTO52 four-color machine and began to officially contract the small format printing business; Today, the company has four Heidelberg offset printing machines, which can easily deal with all kinds of live parts with different requirements of octave format. The young Huang lvshou is the witness and witness of Wenzhou Haibao's bravery

in Cangnan County, there are tens of thousands of printing salesmen who have been praised by people. They "traveled thousands of mountains and rivers, talked thousands of words, tried every means, and endured thousands of hardships", and received batches of printing orders from all over the country. With an endless stream of orders, how to establish your own brand? Wenzhou Haibao has its own clear market positioning -- they want to be the leader of Cangnan small format printing. Huang lvshou and his think tank made a full investigation and analysis of the market demand. In order to make the order delivered to Wenzhou Haibao completely free of worries, they spent a lot of ingenuity on equipment configuration. Now, the four Heidelberg offset presses have been able to successfully complete the printing of thick paper, thin paper, glazing and other types of live parts. While being close to customers' needs and expanding business scope, Wenzhou Haibao also unswervingly puts printing quality in place. On the business card of the company, it is impressively printed with "more professional because of carefulness". Huang Lu kept his word: "as long as the quality and service are up, we are not afraid of business!" With rigorous, meticulous and keen grasp of the market, Wenzhou Haibao's performance has increased steadily year by year, ranking first in the local small format printing field

in recent years, affected by the rising prices of printing raw materials, high human resource costs, economic crisis and other factors, some printing enterprises are struggling on the road to growth, while Wenzhou Haibao has maintained a good momentum of sustainable development during this period. In addition to strict quality control, Huang lvshou, the general manager of the company, also has some experience in formulating enterprise development plans and carrying out enterprise internal management. As a post-80s printer, Huang lvshou has his own unique views on equipment investment. In 2007, when purchasing equipment, Wenzhou Haibao heard many peers talking about Heidelberg yinba pm52 offset press. Soon after its launch in the Chinese market, the installed capacity of the machine rose rapidly, and was highly praised by users. It soon became a hot commodity in the market. Huang lvshou was also interested in this. The film blowing machine has been widely used in various industries. However, he is not satisfied with this. Huang lvshou carefully summarized the current needs of the enterprise, and believed that taking into account the substrate with different thickness is the major problem to be solved by the enterprise at present. Next, he studied and compared several models, and a model with more advanced equipment, better performance and more flexible production - thick paper Speedmaster sm52 gradually entered his vision. It goes without saying that you can guess from the following story that Huang lvshou, who has not followed others and blindly followed the trend, has made a brand-new thick paper type xuba sm52 offset press home in haibao'an, Wenzhou

of course, some peers were not optimistic about Huang lvshou's investment decision at first, but in fact, it was this bold decision that made Wenzhou Haibao have a differentiated advantage in competition with other printing plants, which can accommodate both thick and thin paper, and won the reputation of "thick paper printing expert". Considering the busy printing business and the subdivision of live parts, Wenzhou Haibao continued to purchase a yinba pm52 printing machine at the beginning of 2008

Huang lvshou said: the reason why Wenzhou Haibao began to expand the scale of enterprise investment at the time of the financial crisis is based on the understanding that there are also huge opportunities in the crisis. "Our fast printing is not done early, but we hope to make it into a large and good model. We want to make 'aircraft carriers' for fast printing."

in May, 2009, while many people were still waiting to see and analyze whether the financial crisis was over, Wenzhou Haibao had signed up for a Heidelberg speedpa sm52 six color UV printer on the spot at the chinaprint exhibition in Beijing. The introduction of the machine was mainly due to the growing demand for UV printing and the increasing application of UV printing in the field of small format trademark printing. When introducing Heidelberg Speedmaster sm52 six color UV printing machine, some people were puzzled by the configuration selected by Huang lvshou -- most octave format UV prints are four colors plus spot colors, and there are few six colors; Some people also advised him to buy a five color machine with an elegant appearance, which is practical and saves investment costs. Huang lvshou believed that although the proportion of six color printing materials was small, it was very flexible to use the six color machine to print live parts. There was basically no need to wash the car. It was the same to print a set of plates. Ke Dongjie told that the six color machine could save half an hour compared with the five color machine; Whether white ink is printed before or after four colors, customers don't have to wait. In this way, the production efficiency of the six color machine is much improved. Even if the investment cost looks higher, the efficiency and output will be significantly improved, and the rate is also quite high. Huang lvshou said: in terms of equipment investment, we will adhere to the investment philosophy of "no one, I have, I am strong"

in the internal management of the enterprise, Huang lvshou fully delegated power, mobilized the production enthusiasm of the captain and employees, strictly controlled the quality, and ensured that Cangnan Haibao produced high-quality products. With professional and meticulous services and broad business scope, Wenzhou Haibao has made its own brand and become an expert in Wenzhou small format printing

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