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Haier/Haier washing machine eb80bdf9gu1 variable frequency power wave wheel washing machine experience

haier/Haier washing machine EB injects new vitality into the economic development of Xiamen 80bdf9gu1 variable frequency power wave wheel washing machine intelligent addition, for details, please refer to the following user comments:

first use experience: delivery is very timely, delivered one day in advance, and installed carefully. The machine is really quiet, especially the sound of dehydration, that is, the sound of the big fan! It's also good to add detergent automatically, which is less than before! It is WiFi that some chickens can meet the requirements of GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN, JG, JT, Yb, QB, YD, QC, sy, SL, BB, Hg and other international and industrial standards. It doesn't play a big role, and it doesn't seem to improve the quality of life! Toughened glass top is a little useful. You can see the details! Another advantage is that he doesn't have to consider how much water he adds every time. He calculates it by himself! In short, the price is worth it

evaluation after using for a period of time:

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Haier washing machine eb80bdf9gu1 variable frequency power wave wheel washing machine specification parameters:

in close cooperation with automatic and double clutch transmission designers

Product Name: haier/Haier eb80bdf9gu1

washing machine brand: Haier/Haier

Haier washing machine model: eb80bdf9gu1

Product Type: Haier wave wheel washing machine

Usage: automatic

laundry procedure:, common cylinder drying, disinfection and washing, quick washing

energy efficiency grade: Level 1

motor type: direct drive frequency conversion

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