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Haier, how about Haier eb90bm029 9kg wave wheel washing machine? First hand configuration evaluation comments

Haier eb90bm029 9kg wave wheel washing machine is in use at my friend's home. What I recommend is a 2019 new type. I planted grass on the back of this washing machine. After using it for a period of time, I think it is a bankal eb90bm029 washing machine used in experiments. It has large capacity, simple operation, low drying sound, clean washing clothes, affordable, and is worth recommending Friends in need, please click here to view more user comments on the details of advantages and disadvantages

II. Haier eb90bm029 9kg wave wheel washing machine price:

Haier Click to enlarge/Haier eb90bm029 9kg intelligent variable frequency automatic wave wheel washing machine variable frequency energy saving

[at the price] 1599.00 yuan

[post coupon price] 157 taking the utilization of graphene battery as an example, 9.00 yuan to view the activity quotation

III Haier eb90bm029 9 9 kg wave wheel washing machine configuration parameters:

IV. Haier eb90bm029 9 9 kg wave wheel washing machine other users' comments:

1. A few days after receiving the goods. A very beautiful laundry. Today, after the establishment of the special committee, we tried it. To evaluate. The quality is very good. Simple operation. Washed very clean. The sound is also very small. The capacity is also quite large. The air conditioner quilt can also be washed. It's worth buying. high quality and inexpensive. Also, the service attitude was very good. Answer all questions

2. Very satisfied! It's very convenient to use! The size is also suitable! Everyone at home is Haier! Very satisfied! Good washing machine

3. The washing machine arrived quickly, and the master installed it according to the appointment time. The service is very good, and the washing machine is also good Tmall view more popular model recommendations

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