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Haichuan: standards are king, seize the market voice

in 2010, Shenzhen Haichuan Industrial Co., Ltd. was selected as the first batch of "advanced manufacturing standardization pilot enterprises" in Guangdong Province. As early as 2004, Haichuan joined Huawei and ZTE in the list of 22 "national important technology standardization demonstration enterprises". National and industrial standards come from a private innovative enterprise in Shenzhen. Why

a few days ago, I came to Haichuan shares, which is headquartered in Tian'an Digital City, for an interview. It is found that Haichuan, as an innovative enterprise, is different in that its products not only contain technology and patents, but also Haichuan's products, which are supported and covered by national and industrial standards. In recent years, Haichuan has participated in the preparation of 69 standards, including 37 national standards, 26 industrial standards and 6 Guangdong provincial standards. These technical standards cover low-carbon materials, polymer materials, environmental protection water supply and drainage treatment technology and products, digital color technology and products and other fields of national economy and the people's livelihood

heweiping, chairman of Haichuan shares, said that the company's independent innovation has taken a transformation path supported by innovation from R & D technology, to R & D products, to R & D standards. Whoever has the right to speak in the standard will grasp the commanding height of the industry competition. In recent years, Haichuan has core competitive advantages in many market areas, relying on the magic weapon of technical standards

strategy: occupy the standardization highland

Haichuan company is headquartered in Tian'an Digital City, Futian District, where there are the office center of the Secretariat of the Standardization Committee, the core technology research and development center and the management and operation center, and has more than 50 offices and branches in provinces and cities across the country, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Europe, North America and other countries. It is a company that specializes in the research and development of low-carbon materials, environmental protection water supply and drainage treatment technology "National high-tech enterprise" with diversified development based on digital color technology

Haichuan's implementation of the standardization strategy has received strong support from Shenzhen municipal governments at all levels, and has won municipal and district innovation achievement awards for many times. Every standard preparation it participated in has been funded by the government. In addition, Futian district also supports Haichuan to carry out standardization innovation from many aspects, such as scientific research funds, private enterprise development funds, talent security housing, etc. The help and support of governments at all levels have greatly enhanced Haichuan's R & D stamina

this year, the Futian District Party committee and the district government proposed to strive to be the pacesetter to change the development mode. Haichuan company, as a headquarters enterprise, took the lead in setting an example and responding. From production and operation to ecological operation, in the process of realizing the transformation of economic growth mode, establish a long-term development mechanism integrating low-carbon economy and standardization. Recently, Li Ping, the Secretary of Futian District Party committee, and Zhang Qingshan, the head of Futian District, led a team to the company for investigation and investigation, fully affirming that Haichuan has transformed standardization advantages into market advantages and occupied the commanding heights of the industrial chain. "First class enterprises sell standards, second-class enterprises sell brands, and third-class enterprises sell products." Li Ping and Zhang Qingshan said that various control modes coexist, the technical standard is high-end intangible assets, and Haichuan is on the road of high-end development. Futian district also listed Haichuan as a demonstration enterprise that takes the lead in transforming the development mode and low-carbon development

Make it clear that "the previous report obtained according to the 1997 version

Haichuan people's pursuit of standards comes from their sensitivity to the market and their deep experience in filling the gap. Aiming at the market gap, the company has successfully edited the national standard" China color system "and the national standard sample system" China color system sample book ". China color system" The national standard contains 5300 colors, which is one of the color standards with the most data in the world. It realizes the digital processing of color reproduction and color control, ranking the world's leading level. It has been highly praised by Wang Daheng, the initiator of the national "863 Program", a strategic scientist and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences: "it will bring China's color standardization application to a new level in line with the world. The new concept car presented by its scientific water science innovation has well explained this point: whether it is internationally leading in appearance"

Haichuan actively responded to the dual industrial transfer strategy proposed by the Guangdong provincial Party committee and incorporated standardization and its latest achievements into the dual transfer. Haichuan has laid out the market of the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, and invested hundreds of millions of yuan to build 100000 square meters of post doctoral scientific research Industrialization Bases in Pudong, Shanghai and Heyuan high tech Zone, Guangdong. A market system has been formed for standard R & D and technology R & D, with Shenzhen as the headquarters and production and processing nationwide. By studying the outline of the reform and development plan of the Pearl River Delta region, a five-year plan for enterprise development is being prepared to gradually expand the ASEAN and African markets. Chen Jianhua, Secretary of Heyuan Municipal Party committee, has led a team to inspect Heyuan and Haichuan for many times, giving Haichuan a high evaluation, hoping that Haichuan will take root in Heyuan with a more competitive environmental protection industry, base itself on Guangdong and go to the world

Innovation: provide core technology for standardization

If an enterprise does not have core technology, standards will also be passive water. In the process of implementing the two wheel drive strategy of intellectual property and standardization, Haichuan company first absorbed and referred to foreign leading technologies, and then conducted in-depth research and analysis in combination with the actual situation and engineering practice in China. Along the path of "Introduction and digestion → absorption and innovation → patent escort → standard leadership", we have successfully achieved a sharp change from product leadership to technology leadership and then to standard leadership

in recent years, Haichuan Co., Ltd. has independently developed a series of core technologies and new materials characterized by energy conservation, environmental protection, light weight, high strength, high efficiency and durability, which are widely used in China's infrastructure construction, such as the pavement of Shanghai Donghai Bridge, the longest sea crossing bridge in the world, Jingzhou Yangtze River Highway Bridge, the largest Hubei padong Shuibuya rockfill dam in Asia, the shield project of Chengdu Metro, the expressway of Wuhan Huangshi Jinzhu West Road in Lhasa, Tibet, Baoan Avenue in Shenzhen, Nanping phase I in Shenzhen, etc. The application of core technology and the practice of engineering cases provide strong technical support for the preparation of national standards

the implementation of standardization strategy cannot be separated from scientific and technological innovation, which is well understood by Haichuan people. The annual R & D investment of the company accounts for about 6% of the sales revenue, and the purchase of instruments and equipment for R & D experiments is nearly 20million yuan, which is rare among similar enterprises. In 1999, the company proactively proposed to cultivate the core competitiveness of independent intellectual property rights, established an intellectual property office leading group and an intellectual property office, and is committed to building a knowledge-based, patented and standard technology integration enterprise. In the past six years, 3745 patents of various kinds have been applied to the State Intellectual Property Office, of which invention patents account for 86.43%; In 2006 and 2007, it ranked among the top five enterprises in China for patent applications

gather talent resources and intellectual resources for standard R & D. At present, Haichuan has 127 research and development personnel, including 10 doctors (including 3 post doctoral researchers), 26 masters and 48 senior titles. The company has successively established the Haichuan central research and Development Institute, the construction coating engineering research center of the Ministry of construction, and the post doctoral scientific research workstation. It has professional research institutes with advanced polymer new materials, advanced engineering materials and application technology, environmental purification products and related technologies, digital color technology, etc., so as to stabilize the extrusion volume, 7 professional laboratories of all kinds, and a national engineering research center, A scientific and Technological Information Center (with a collection of more than 200000 Books)

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