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Haihong old man: 577 ton "Big Mac mining car offline

Haihong old man: 577 ton" Big Mac mining car offline

September 11, 2020

recently, a behemoth with a length of 16 meters, a width of 10 meters, a height of 8 meters, and a weight of 577 tons drove out of the general assembly workshop of Inner Mongolia North Co., Ltd. this "Big Mac" mining car has the world's largest tires, with a diameter of 4 meters. Soon, it will cross the ocean and represent China to enter the Australian mining market with the highest standards in the world. Haihong elderly is very honored to provide customized coating protection solutions for this project

the source of pictures and videos is official account @ China ordnance industry group. Thank you

"Big Mac" nte360a electric wheel mining vehicle is a high-end vehicle developed by northern Co., Ltd. for the Australian market, which will bring different performance. The rated load is 330 to 360 tons, the total weight is 577 tons, and the maximum speed is 64km/h. The Australian mining market is the market with the highest standards in the world. Previously, the requirements for product performance, use safety, driver's handling comfort, reliability in joules (J) and maintenance convenience, as well as product technology and quality certification were very strict

the coating requirements of each mining mining and processing project are different. Combined with a lot of experience in mining processing protective coatings, in view of the complex challenges and unique needs faced by nte360a electric wheel mining vehicles, Haihong old man has carefully created a solution combining high-performance protection and optimized coating to ensure that the coating can maximize its performance and provide long-term protection for large mining vehicles in the next few years

Haihong Laoren has rich experience in the field of mining corrosion protection. The protective coating specially developed for mining equipment is designed to protect the mining and processing equipment assets such as coal mine, bauxite, copper mine, iron ore, gold mine and other precious metals. It is a trusted designated coating supplier for global partners

about Haihong Laoren

as a leading and trusted coating supplier, Haihong Laoren is a global enterprise with firm values. It has multiple factories, R & D centers and inventory points in various regions of the world to provide reliable coating solutions for the industrial protective paint, marine paint, decorative paint, container paint and yacht paint markets

looking around the world, the paint of Haihong elderly protects the surface, structure and equipment, which not only prolongs the service life of assets and reduces maintenance costs, but also makes the places where we work and live safer and more colorful. Haihong elderly group was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1915. Haihong elderly foundation is responsible for supervising the daily operation of Haihong elderly group and supporting cultural, humanitarian and scientific undertakings around the world

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