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Analysis: the development prospect of digital printing equipment

digital printing is the digitization of printing technology. With the maturity of digital printing technology and the continuous reduction of its cost, printing manufacturers began to combine traditional offset printing with new digital printing technology

commercial data printing centers generally use printers of Fuji Xerox, Kodak (Kodak Model Kodak library Kodak used equipment), Wanyin, OSI, IBM, nipson, HP and Konica Minolta

Kodak acquired saiangel Digital Co., Ltd. last year and established Kodak Wanyin company, which provides other variable data printing for △ 6 continuous inkjet digital printing system, which is suitable for variable information printing in all kinds of data centers, businesses and postal services. At present, most domestic customers are data centers of public utilities, financial, insurance, telecommunications and postal institutions

Canon Konica Minolta

in order to enter the huge market of professional digital printing, Canon and Konica Minolta, which started with office equipment, have launched medium speed (about 50 A4 prints/min) color printers that can meet the needs of Chinese users for large-size and thick paper printing, and are equipped with servers with flexible on-demand printing function and automatic image enhancement technology, as well as optional post press binding equipment, I hope that we can step into the beginning of the digital printing market

Fuji Xerox

since the start and development of China's digital printing industry, Xerox's production-oriented document printing system has always maintained the status of mainstream equipment in the market installation. In fact, among the global comprehensive document printing volume, the share of documents printed by Xerox equipment has always been far ahead. In the Asia Pacific region (including China), although Fuji Xerox failed to dominate the market share in the mass office market, it has always been in a leading position in the field of black-and-white and color mass document production equipment. Fuji Xerox provides a wide range of product lines in the digital printing market, which is still beyond the reach of other manufacturers. The number of documents printed by Xerox, whether in black and white or color, still ranks first in China's total document printing volume

currently, the products promoted in China include docutech black-and-white series, docucolor color series, DocuPrint printing series, nuvera printing/copying series, etc. In addition to selling digital printing hardware, Xerox also promotes gate image processor (RIP), workflow software and various integrated hardware and software solutions

(1) printing quality of equipment:

if the target market is document production for ordinary office customers, medium and high color and black-and-white printers commonly used in the market can be selected to meet the requirements. If investors are prepared to face demanding, almost picky and demanding customers (such as design companies, advertising companies, public relations companies, construction companies, clothing companies, real estate companies, etc.), they should consider choosing high-quality, high-resolution digital printing machines. As the level of equipment and talents required by the ordinary document printing market is lower than that required by the professional digital printing market, there are many participants and fierce competition. If you go to the high-end market, the threshold for entry is high, equipment, it and glass are only 0.5-1.5kj/m2; The use of transparent plastic headlights in "Ford" cars reduces the number of parts, and the investment in technology and talents is large, but the market space is wide

(2) equipment experimental machine measures the printing speed (printing (A4)/min, PPM) with finer sensitivity of the system:

the high melt strength of these polymers can achieve higher foam stability and improve production.

speed represents explosive force, so that the printing machine can complete many printing tasks in a very short time. For investors who are ready for sudden or urgent short print tasks (such as bidding documents, construction plans, project cooperation agreements, etc.), they recognize that these tasks will bring higher profits, but they must buy high-speed equipment to meet the printing volume to be completed in an instant, otherwise they will lose the good opportunity to win high-quality customers

(3) the maximum monthly printing volume (aMPV) of the equipment:

the maximum monthly printing volume of the printing machine represents its production sustainability, and the high printing volume requires the equipment to have a considerable output in a fixed time. For investors whose goal is to complete a large number of printing tasks in the short term (such as summit meetings, large forums, etc.), they deeply understand that there are not many competitors qualified to participate in such high-risk and difficult tasks, and because of the high fees and large printing volume of such tasks, they can generally bring considerable profits to digital printing stores. However, they must purchase high printing volume equipment to meet the huge printing volume to be completed in a very short time, otherwise they will not be able to protect customers, and even compensate customers for unproductive losses when they fail to meet the customer's delivery deadline

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