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Haidilao's suppliers issued a bidding announcement to purchase tens of millions of cartons and kages

release date: Source: China good packaging

on March 31, Yihai (Bazhou) Food Co., Ltd./Fuhai Bazhou Food Co., Ltd. issued a bidding announcement to purchase 5million five layer cartons and 5million five layer carton kages/circle cards. These two companies are important suppliers of Haidilao, with strong strength. Interested carton factories can go to bid

I. bidding product information and distribution requirements

1 The bidding product information is as follows:

2 The delivery location is as follows:

the intersection of Yuhua West Road and West Ring Road, Bazhou economic and Technological Development Zone, Langfang city

Yihai (Bazhou) Food Co., Ltd

No. 269, West Ring Road, Bazhou economic and Technological Development Zone, Langfang city

Fuhai Bazhou Food Co., Ltd

3. Receiving time:

8:: 00,14:: 30; Party B provides unloading services

II. Bidder qualification

1 Have the ability to undertake civil affairs independently

2. Have good business reputation and sound financial accounting system

3. It has a good record of paying taxes and social security according to law and its domestic consumption of 700 million tons

4. There is no major illegal record in business activities within the three years before participating in this bidding activity with 3 years or more of operation experience

5. Domestic manufacturers with raw material production and paperboard production capacity (preferred high-quality suppliers from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei)

6. The registered capital is more than 3million

7. The registered supplier must meet the requirements of our company's hardware facilities (with relevant equipment that meets the production or testing of the product)

8. Have a good quality management system (management personnel, management structure, warehousing registration records, etc.)

9. Consortium bidding is not accepted for this project

10. The bidder shall not have the following circumstances:

in the state of suspension of business

temporarily disqualified from bidding or prohibited from bidding activities

its company or property is taken over or frozen

serious breach of the contract, or problems in terms of quality and service non-compliance (for existing cooperation and cooperative suppliers)

violate our supplier commitments (for existing cooperation and cooperation suppliers)

III. bidding qualification requirements

1 Copy of duplicate of business license with QR code or three certificates in one

2. A copy of the duplicate of the tax registration certificate (except for the three in one certificate)

3. Copy of organization code certificate (except for three certificates in one)

4. Copy of duplicate of tax registration certificate

5. Copy of organization code certificate

6. Copy of duplicate of industrial product production license

7. Type test report (within one year)


1 The type test report must be impressed by the customer and have a CMA seal. The test items are complete, the test results need to be judged to be qualified, and it needs to be used when it cannot be used as a stop button; Within the validity period

2. The above qualification certificates need to be copied - stamped with a fresh seal (this fresh seal is the fresh seal of the company directly cooperating with our company) - scanned

IV. other bidding conditions

1 Payment method: monthly settlement upon arrival of goods, centralized payment on the 15th and 25th of each month, the supplier issues a qualified invoice according to the reconciliation amount, and the company pays the payment within 10 working days after receiving the qualified invoice

2. Delivery cycle: (delivery cycle, 7 days, which will be adjusted according to the planned volume)

3. Samples need to be identified by our company (referring to new suppliers)

4. Invoice: 13% VAT special invoice

5. The bidding quantity of this product is the estimated planned quantity. The specific winning single product, distribution area and distribution quantity will be allocated by our company based on the comprehensive weight of the bidding results

v. planned bidding time and other times

1 Deadline for bidding registration: 5:00 p.m. on April 7, 2020

2 Deadline for submission of bid samples: 5:00 p.m. on April 20, 2020

3 Bid opening time: 9:00 a.m. on April 28, 2020

remarks: the above time is the company's planned time, and the specific time will be notified if there is any adjustment

VI. bidding process [important]

Step 1: Supplier Registration:

1 Suppliers who intend to participate in the bidding of this product can register directly in the station before the deadline for registration. The registration address: (you can refer to the contents of "novice guide" - "operation manual" on the homepage of the station for account registration)

2. After obtaining the account and password, you need to log in to the system, view "my desktop" - view "public bidding" - find the corresponding project - click "registration"

step 2: qualification certificate review

step 3: sample review

step 4: factory audit

step 5: system online bidding

VII. Precautions

1 After passing the qualification review, the suppliers will send the samples to Yihai (Bazhou) Food Co., Ltd. at the intersection of Yuhua West Road and West Ring Road in Bazhou City, Langfang city according to the time of providing samples notified by our company

2. Companies/individuals participating in the bidding need to pay a deposit of 50000 before bidding

3. The winning supplier shall sign a contract (lock up contract)

4. In case of the following circumstances, it will be included in our blacklist and will never be used:

bribery of our personnel in the bidding process, our company stipulates that we will punish 10 times the amount involved in the supplier as liquidated damages, cancel the cooperation and be included in the blacklist and will never be used, and reward 5 times the corresponding amount to the whistleblower

if a supplier/individual has malicious misrepresentation, collusive bidding and other deposits in the bidding, they will not be returned and will be listed in the supplier blacklist and will never be used

before the bidding results are published, suppliers participating in the bidding are forbidden to ask our relevant personnel about the winning items, prices, distribution areas, distribution proportions and other information

if the fan casing development trend in Figure 2 cannot be implemented according to the bid winning price after bidding, and does not comply with the delivery standards and contract terms agreed by both parties, the cooperation will be stopped immediately, the deposit will not be returned, and it will be included in the blacklist of suppliers and will never be used

after winning the bid, the products are fake and shoddy

falsification of product qualification certificates and invoices

violation of national laws and regulations in the production and operation process, such as illegal addition or abuse of food additives or non edible substances

the product has major quality accidents and hidden dangers, such as food poisoning

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