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Haihong Electric Co., Ltd.: it can produce the world's largest three-dimensional core transformer

the newly built 110kV three-dimensional core transformer workshop of Haihong electric

On July 30 this year, the "110kV three-dimensional wound core power transformer" independently developed by Haihong Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Haihong electric") successfully passed the provincial scientific and technological achievements appraisal, and the expert appraisal opinion was that "the comprehensive technology of the project achievements has reached the international advanced level, of which the noise, loss and other indicators are at the international leading level"

at the same time, the 110kV solid core transformer production line built by Haihong electric with an investment of 80million yuan in the cuishanhu science and Technology Industrial Park in Kaiping was officially put into operation, and the world's largest solid core transformer can be produced here. "Our three-dimensional coil core transformer not only saves the cost of raw materials, but also saves energy consumption in use. It has more prominent advantages than old-fashioned transformers, such as low noise, less land occupation, low electric and magnetic field strength, low radiation and so on." Zhengling, deputy manager of Haihong electric administration department, said


last year, sales reached nearly 900million yuan

on March 18 this year, Haihong electric headquarters held a "celebration" in Kaiping cuishanhu science and Technology Industrial Park to celebrate the 20 years of Haihong electric

Haihong Electric is a key high-tech enterprise of the national torch plan, which specializes in the research and development, production, sales, installation and commissioning services of transmission and distribution and control equipment. In the past 20 years, it has grown into an enterprise that can produce the world's largest three-dimensional core transformer

"we have always paid attention to research and development. At present, our main products include three-dimensional wound core oil immersed transformers with 110kV voltage level and below, amorphous alloy three-dimensional wound core transformers, open three-dimensional wound core dry-type transformers, combined transformers and prefabricated substations, high and low-voltage switchgear and various special transformers." Zheng Ling said

it is understood that the iron core of traditional transformers has always adopted laminated structure, while the three-dimensional rolled iron core structure independently developed by Haihong electric not only saves the consumption of silicon steel, copper wire and other main materials, but also improves the performance compared with traditional transformers

Zheng Ling introduced that many projects such as Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, Nanfang power company, Daya Bay nuclear power station, Baosteel, etc. all use transformers produced by Haihong electric, which is the greatest affirmation of Haihong transformer products

"in 2017, our company achieved sales of nearly 900million yuan, and our products were sold to more than 40 other countries and regions around the world, such as the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Denmark, Malaysia, etc. at the same time, the company also actively responded to the national 'the Belt and Road' initiative and set up joint ventures in India." Zheng Ling said


the government has greatly helped the development of enterprises

over the past 20 years, Haihong Electric has grown vigorously in Jiangmen, witnessing the industrialization process of Jiangmen. 14. The new generation of biomedical materials. In Zheng Ling's view, the "original intention" of Jiangmen government departments at all levels to develop industry has not changed, and the help and support to local industrial enterprises is an indispensable factor for Haihong electric to become bigger and stronger

"especially since Jiangmen proposed to adhere to the establishment of the city through industry, the growth and development environment of industrial enterprises has been more optimized. Many enterprises are willing to invest in Jiangmen for development, and local enterprises are full of confidence in increasing capital and expanding production." Zheng Ling said, "as early as 2015, we developed 110kV three-dimensional wound core transformers, and the production line with an investment of 80million yuan has also been put into production."

it is understood that in recent years, our city has vigorously supported enterprises implementing industrial technological transformation, expanded the preferential policy of post technological transformation bonus to enterprises with a main business income of more than 10million yuan, and broadened the scope of policy support, so that more enterprises akoma can enjoy the dividend of this policy by bringing a new generation of composite materials to the wind power industry

"in recent years, Haihong Electric has continuously invested in technological transformation, optimized and upgraded the production line, and greatly improved the production efficiency. In terms of technological transformation, Haihong Electric has won about 1million yuan of reward and subsidy funds, and also enjoyed nearly 5million yuan of tax preference for national high-tech enterprises." Zheng Ling said

Zheng Ling said that win-win cooperation is the pursuit of the operation and development of Haihong electric. At present, Haihong Electric is accelerating the integration of the upstream and downstream resource advantages of the transformer industry chain, establishing long-term strategic partnership with abb, WISCO, DuPont and other units, and carrying out long-term industry university research cooperation with the national Shenyang Transformer Research Institute, Guangdong Industrial Technology Research Institute and other units

"we also cooperate with more than 120 transformer manufacturers at home and abroad, and suggest paying attention to the optimization of energy structure, energy conservation and emission reduction, giving birth to investment opportunities in small metals and new materials, and providing relevant technical support for peers." Zheng Ling said

in Zheng Ling's view, providing advanced technology to peers will not weaken the competitiveness of enterprises, but will make the three-dimensional rolling core technology used by more peers, thus promoting fundamental changes in the traditional transformer industry, using transformers with more advanced technology and higher energy efficiency, and achieving "win-win" social and enterprise economic benefits


create a fair and just market competition environment

nowadays, the R & D capacity of Haihong Electric is greatly enhanced. The company has established Guangdong open dry transformation engineering technology research and development center and provincial enterprise technology center, and has been approved to establish a post doctoral research station

"innovative R & D is the embodiment of an enterprise's competitiveness, and win-win cooperation is the fundamental path to achieve long-term development." Zheng Ling said. According to statistics, at present, Haihong Electric has obtained more than 200 authorized patents, of which 42 are invention patents, including 18 Chinese invention patents, 8 American invention patents, 8 Korean invention patents, 4 South African invention patents and 4 Japanese invention patents

in addition, at present, Haihong Electric has won more than 30 national, provincial and municipal science and technology awards, participated in the formulation of 22 national, industrial and electrical standards, of which 14 standards are the main drafting units, and won the honorary titles of "Guangdong top 100 independent innovation enterprises" and "National advanced machinery collective"

the key to innovative R & D lies in talents. "Although we have made good achievements in innovation and R & D, talent is still a factor restricting the long-term development of enterprises. In recent years, Jiangmen has issued many talent support policies, attracting many high-level talents to Jiangmen to start businesses. However, compared with other brother cities in the Pearl River Delta, Jiangmen should continue to strengthen the introduction of talents in order to have a greater 'attraction' to talents." Zheng Ling said

Zheng Ling suggested that the government should vigorously create a fair and just market competition environment. "At present, some transformer manufacturers have resorted to fraud such as' substituting aluminum for copper and eating tolerance ', which has greatly undermined the benign development order of the market. The government should strengthen supervision in this regard." Zheng Ling expressed the hope that the government could give more policy preferences to local enterprises and support the rapid development of local enterprises in Jiangmen

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