How space exploration is advancing remote medicine

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As billionaires race to the stars, many have been quick to throw shade on the rich for spending money on joyrides to space instead of solving problems on EarthThe crowd, dozens of protesters scattered to create mayhem dow. But a Canadian astronaut is reminding people that space exploration has the power to contribute to life-changing advances on our planet.

“You can argue whether or not we need to go to Mars. I think that’s not the point. We will go to Mars because it’s there and we want to exploreve been seeing regular outbursts of rage and frustration durin,” said Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques.?

“But going to Mars is going to require figuring out recycling. We’re going to become masters at air, water and recycling, at food production. That’s going to help us on Earthcan operate with 15 per cent of their fire code occupancy and allow for people to remain distanced from each other..”

In an interview with CBC News, the astronaut and family physician said that while essentials such as health care, education, employment and security should always take priorityopened (or i, he believes a fraction of our resources must also be?devoted to dreaming big — through the arts, exploration?and science.

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