Tips for selecting seamless wallcovering

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Tips for choosing seamless wallcoverings

tips for choosing seamless wallcoverings

"I want a big house with large floor windows. The sun shines on the floor and warms my quilt". Whenever I gently sing Stefanie Sun's song "a perfect day", I feel as if I am touched by the warm sun on my cheek, happy and satisfied. However, with a big house, how can we choose seamless wallcovering

living room: when selecting the seamless wall cloth with flower pattern in the living room, in order not to weaken the atmosphere and steadiness originally possessed by the living room, the background color of the wall cloth should be neutral and cold, so that it will not appear light because it is too soft and beautiful

bedroom: generally, choose warm colors or seamless wall cloth with flowers or patterns to create a warm and comfortable feeling

second bedroom: if the elderly live mainly, you should choose some seamless wall cloths with quieter and calmer colors, or choose seamless wall cloths with some plain flowers according to the preferences of the elderly

children's room: generally choose brightly colored wall cloth to create a happy and colorful effect and create a colorful and brilliant space for children




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