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On March 3, Ruiming doors and windows was invited to attend the 25th national aluminum doors and windows curtain wall industry annual conference and the 2019 China construction economy Guangzhou summit, and won the title of "top ten preferred brands of doors and windows"

on March 3, the 25th national aluminum door, window and curtain wall industry annual conference and the 2019 China construction economy Guangzhou summit were grandly held in Guangzhou Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center. The results of the 14th al survey brand list of China's door, window and curtain wall industry were announced at the meeting

Ruiming doors and windows is honored to be invited to attend this annual meeting and won the "top ten preferred brands of doors and windows", which is also the fourth consecutive year that the company has won this honor, once again contributing to the brand construction of the company

about Al survey

al survey is the abbreviation of the large-scale reader survey activity in the door, window and curtain wall industry. It has been held once a year since 2005, and has become an important reference for the majority of readers to choose brands and products. Its purpose is to conveniently, quickly, timely and accurately obtain relevant information about the development of the industry, spread advanced corporate culture, publicize high-quality product brands, highlight the vigorous spirit of the industry, and provide decision-making basis for the sustainable and healthy development of the industry

the event's authoritative selection, authoritative investigation and authoritative publicity, "there is no dark horse, everything speaks with strength"

with the improvement of people's quality of life and the vigorous promotion of building energy conservation standards and building energy conservation, high-performance doors and windows have been paid more and more attention by the market. Ruiming doors and windows can win this honor, which fully reflects the recognition of consumers and the affirmation of the industry

ingenuity, quality and innovation

Ruiming doors and windows, founded in 2002, is a landmark building energy-saving enterprise integrating research and development, cultivation and expansion of energy-saving door and window system industrial chain demonstration base. After 17 years of development and expansion, Ruiming doors and windows have made remarkable achievements in energy conservation, environmental protection, green, intelligent and other aspects. The company has a professional R & D team, with 144 new products, 218 technological innovations, 69 invention patents and 356 authorized patents

with the development of real estate, the market competition of doors and windows is becoming increasingly fierce, and the phenomenon of product homogeneity is serious. Ruiming keenly captures this point, pays close attention to market changes, vigorously carries out product innovation and upgrading, and creates a healthy and comfortable home environment for consumers

never forget the original intention and be consistent

with the joint efforts of all Ruiming people, the number of stores nationwide has increased, and they have been invited to participate in various exhibitions at home and abroad for many times. In 2018, they participated in the United Nations local information society, joined CCTV's "secret transformation", etc. more and more consumers choose Ruiming, and the brand influence of the enterprise has increased, and the overall benefit of the enterprise has increased

this award is not only an affirmation of Ruiming, but also a kind of encouragement and encouragement. Over the past 17 years, the company has adhered to the service concept of "continuously meeting and creating customer needs" and made continuous efforts for the continuous improvement of human healthy living environment. Ruiming will never forget this initial intention. In the future, it will give back to consumers with better products and services




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