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Paint is a special main material in home decoration. It is understood that in general home decoration, the expenditure of paint only accounts for about 5% of the whole decoration cost, but it accounts for 80% of the whole decoration area. 100% determines the overall decoration effect and living environment, and directly affects the health of families. However, most of the market is still occupied by some products with high quality and low price. In the name of environmental protection, consumers who do not have a certain coating knowledge are easy to be deceived, and they will fall into the manufacturer's deception if they are not careful

1 [try to choose famous brand products]

answer: most consumers only pay attention to the immediate effect when buying paint, and ignore the service. The merchants only introduce the products when selling, and rarely mention the after-sales service. When there are problems such as discoloration and powder falling on the wall, the manufacturer mostly requires consumers to contact the dealer directly. Even if they promised to come to the door for maintenance at that time, the time will be delayed again and again, and eventually nothing will happen

reporter's comment: there are three countermeasures: first, try to choose famous brand products when economic conditions permit; Second, when buying, the requirements for door-to-door guidance are put forward to the salesperson. Manufacturers without after-sales service generally shirk it by saying that it is unnecessary and there will be no problems; Third, call the manufacturer directly and ask about the time of on-site maintenance. Good manufacturers will promise to provide on-site service within 24 hours

2 [beware of low-end products]

answer: at present, some coatings with foreign brands in the market are actually garbage coatings (expired products) imported at a very low price abroad. They are refilled in China, pasted with foreign brands, replaced with foreign packaging, and sold in the market. The profits of this kind of coating are about 4-5 times. Some coating products are local products with domestic raw materials, whose quality is unstable, but they are sold at a high price by a foreign brand. If consumers buy fake foreign products and spend more money, the effect depends on their own luck. Merchants take advantage of consumers' worship of foreign products and blind consumption. As a result, there are phenomena such as powder falling and discoloration within one or two months after use. Moreover, it is not environmental friendly, and some have changed their flavor, which brings great hidden dangers to human health

reporter comments: the way to solve the problem is to understand the background and history of the manufacturer and try to buy mature brands; If economic conditions do not allow, it is better to choose pure domestic brands. Some paint products often come from some workshop manufacturers, and there is no specification and commitment at all

3 [coatings have five functions]

answer: deliberately exaggerate the five basic functions that general coatings should have, including mold resistance, scrub resistance, covering fine cracks, lasting beauty and fragrant smell. According to the analysis of insiders, the anti mildew, scrub resistance and coverage functions of the paint are basic functions, and consumers spend more money for the functions they should have

reporter's comment: for this problem, consumers should pay close attention to their pockets, do not blindly believe in the hype of businesses, understand their own needs, and then further choose the corresponding products. In fact, the function of the product does need to be appealed, and consumers also need to understand it, but the function appeal must be verified accordingly

4 [impossible zero VOC]

answer: businesses take advantage of the weakness that consumers attach importance to environmental protection but lack relevant knowledge, seize a concept that consumers are not familiar with, hype it up and create selling points. For example, the prevailing zero VOC paint not long ago, according to the analysis of relevant people, under the current market situation, it is simply unrealistic to have zero VOC paint in solvent based paint (that is, paint diluted with diluent)

reporter's comment: in order to avoid being deceived, consumers should consult relevant experts before buying, and do not believe in popular concepts too much. In fact, VOC is a by-product of normal chemical reaction in the mixing process of coatings. The so-called zero VOC coatings cannot appear in solvent based coatings

5 [market entry standard ≠ environmental protection]

answer: many products in the building materials market are marked with signs of environmental protection products, green building materials and so on. When you want to buy imported paint, some illegal operators will not only display the signboard of implementing the new standard, but also display the environmental protection standard of low TVOC (English logo of total volatile organic compounds) and zero TVOC. It turned out that these bosses had long understood the psychology of consumers and called some building materials that only reached the new national standard as green and environmentally friendly products, deliberately misleading consumers and taking the opportunity to raise prices

reporter's comments: consumers should not be confused by the environmental protection publicized by businesses. They should carefully check their environmental protection product certification and test report. If the test report only meets the 10 national mandatory standards for the limit of harmful substances in interior decoration materials implemented on July 1, 2002, it is the state that reads more about

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