Flower arrangement skills of balcony decoration

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Recently, some netizens posted a post on the home decoration network forum asking about the future planting of some flowers and plants when decorating the balcony, so how can the balcony design achieve a good decoration effect? Let's look at several balcony flower placement skills that Xiaobian shared with you

1. Balcony design flower inlay

for the balcony with completed decoration and small balcony area, this method is to use the wall to inlay a special half vase type flowerpot, and then plant ornamental leaf plants

2. Balcony design flower hanging type

use small and exquisite containers to plant some Chlorophytum comosum and crab claw lotus, which can be hung on the balcony roof. You can also plant vines or other leaf plants with winding ability, which can be hung outside the balcony. You can also make a shape around the balcony outside the fence with bamboo poles and ropes, so that the whole balcony can be beautified

3. Balcony design flower ladder style

in order to expand the planting area, set up a ladder on the balcony and arrange three-dimensional potted flowers. General plants can be cultivated in this form

4. Balcony design flowers natural style

set up a basin frame around the balcony and plant some woody vines to make the plants naturally droop and form a natural landscape

Wuhan netizens can learn from and adopt the above methods of placing flowers on the balcony when decorating! Xiaobian reminded that the garden effect of the balcony needs to be carefully designed, watered and managed





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