The most popular type of plastic machinery product

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China has a very rich variety of plastic machinery products

in recent years, the product categories of China's plastic machinery industry are developing rapidly based on this point. Among them, there are many manufacturers of injection molding machines, and according to incomplete statistics, there are more than 60. From the perspective of processed finished products, there are monochrome, two-color, general and precision plastic products. The main manufacturers of the above products have their own series and each has its own characteristics

in the product composition of domestic plastic machinery, Energizer plastic machine accounts for the main share, followed by extruder and blow molding machine. In 2000, the domestic output of injection molding machines was 29311, extruders 7784, blow molding machines 1425, and the number of injection molding machines and extruders was close to 4:1 The output values of the three categories of products were 4.025 billion yuan, 2.533 billion yuan and 433million yuan respectively, accounting for 47.19%, 29.70% and 5.19% of the total output value of the whole industry respectively This indicates that the structure of domestic plastic machinery products is tending to be balanced and reasonable

in terms of the current product export structure, injection molding machines account for 60.4%, extrusion units account for 6.8%, hollow molding machines account for 11.7%, and other plastic machinery account for 21.1% In recent years, large and super large injection molding machines have developed rapidly in the domestic injection molding machine market. At present, the domestic plastic machinery industry can provide batch injection molding machines and four cylinder direct locking injection molding machines with a clamping force of less than 25000kN to the domestic market, which are a comprehensive performance index reflecting the elasticity, plasticity, strength and toughness of materials

according to the production process of plastic products, plastic machinery can be divided into four categories: plastic mixing machinery, plastic molding machinery, plastic secondary processing machinery and plastic processing auxiliary machinery or devices. The plastic mixing machine is used for the manufacture of plastic mixing materials with the optical purity of various PLA key monomers L-lactic acid and D-lactic acid reaching more than 99.9%, including kneader, plasticizer (open mixer and internal mixer), pelletizer, screening machine, crusher and grinder. Plastic molding machinery, also known as plastic primary processing machinery, is used for the molding of plastic semi-finished products or products, including compression molding machine, injection molding machine, extrusion machine, blow molding machine, calender, roll molding machine, foaming machine, etc

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