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Voice of the two sessions: intelligent manufacturing does not mean "machine replacement"

some places have made great strides to promote machine replacement. They believe that this is intelligent manufacturing, which is a one-sided and simplified understanding

xuxiaolan, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and vice chairman and Secretary General of the Chinese society of electronics, pointed out in her speech at the fourth session of the 12th CPPCC National Committee that, as the core of a new round of scientific and technological revolution, intelligent manufacturing can significantly improve manufacturing efficiency, improve product quality, reduce product cost and resource consumption, and has become a major trend and core content of future manufacturing development. At the same time, intelligent manufacturing is also an important measure for China to accelerate the transformation of development mode, promote industry to move towards medium and high-end, and build a manufacturing power. It is an inevitable choice to create a new international competitive advantage under the new normal. In may2015, the made in China 2025 issued by the State Council clearly pointed out that intelligent manufacturing is the main direction of China's manufacturing development in the future. However, promoting intelligent manufacturing is a complex and huge system engineering, which needs continuous exploration and even trial and error

in the opinion of member xuxiaolan, robots can not completely replace human beings. Intelligent manufacturing does not exclude human beings. For example, human-computer interaction technology means that workers and machines realize collaborative production. At present, the market value of industrial robots will break the 800million mark at that time, replacing some manual workers in simple, heavy and dangerous processes; Service robots can solve problems such as lack of professionals in the fields of home care, medical rehabilitation, education and entertainment. In general, intelligent manufacturing or robots have not had a significant impact on the social employment rate

at the same time, robots are creating new jobs. Intelligent manufacturing and robotics are the intersection and integration of various technologies. Their own development is inseparable from a large number of professional and technical personnel. The new industrial ecology it spawns can absorb a large number of labor. For example, the new generation of industrial robots, UAVs, educational and entertainment robots and other products have wide domestic and international demand and great development potential. They will be important intelligent equipment and products for China to implement the "going out" strategy, and will also be an important grasp for China's manufacturing industry to evolve to the middle and high end of the industrial chain. They can create a large number of jobs. Yunnan will also vigorously develop new functional materials. Only by firmly grasping the development window period brought about by the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform can China truly enter the ranks of manufacturing powers

member xuxiaolan put forward several measures and suggestions: first, correctly understand the profound connotation of intelligent manufacturing. Any new technology and industry will not only promote social progress, but also bring some challenges. We should pay special attention to the research on forward-looking and disruptive technologies, constantly and deeply explore the profound impact of changes in industrial ecology and business model on the development of manufacturing (109) architectural coating industry, and promote the implementation of the made in China 2025 strategy

second, implement policies to optimize industrial planning and layout. Make great efforts to break through key technologies in intelligent manufacturing fields such as materials, core parts, production processes, system integration, industrial CPS (cyber physicalsystems), and adopt more targeted policies for different industrial links

third, to build a manufacturing power, standards should be first. Accelerate the construction of the standard system in the manufacturing sector, and form a good development pattern in which standards lead industries and industries promote standards

fourth, strengthen the construction of intelligent manufacturing talent system. Establish an intelligent manufacturing talent pool and improve the incentive mechanism for front-line scientific research and technical personnel. To promote classification and focus on training, we should also pay attention to the following points in terms of scientific research, technical research and engineering application to cultivate professionals in various fields

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