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Two sections of observation: we should work in unison to control excessive packaging. The central government has put forward the requirements against the "four ethos" and advocated frugality. All parts of the country are actively implementing them. Has the situation of over packaging of commodities in the National Day golden week market improved this year? Recently, I went into supermarkets and department stores for investigation

the phenomenon of excessive packaging has improved significantly

on the morning of September 29, the golden week promotion activities have begun in Tianhong Department store, Zhongshan Road, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. A saleswoman surnamed Deng at the wine counter said that at present, there are fewer group purchases of wine, mainly for personal consumption, and she tends to buy domestic wine, because most of them are packed in paper bags, so the price is low. At the tea counter, the price difference between gift box tea and paperback tea is obvious. The price of 200 grams of Zhifu Wuyi Dahongpao gift box is 398 yuan, and the price of 100 grams of paperback is 89.8 yuan. The salesperson usually first asks whether the oil pump adopts the low-noise linear conjugate internal gear pump to give gifts to customers. If it is for themselves, it is recommended to buy plain clothes

in the tengwangge store of Nanchang Lvzi cuisine specialty supermarket, few commodities are packaged in gift boxes, most of which are sold in bulk and packed in plastic bags. It is found that customers are more inclined to buy bulk food. The salesperson told him that he knew the staff of many enterprises and institutions around him. In the past, they used to buy whole boxes on holidays, but now they are rarely seen

in a large chain supermarket in Louxing District, Loudi City, Hunan Province, several consumers were interviewed at random. Most of them felt that the excessive packaging had significantly improved. This year, the trend of giving gifts with public funds has been stopped, and the excessive packaging of gifts is not as serious as in previous years. Citizen Mr. Chen said

the bad habit of wasting face still exists

in a large chain supermarket in Loudi City, pointing to the high-end Baijiu with luxurious packaging and a price of more than 1000 yuan, he asked the salesperson: what if the unit buys wine with public funds and needs to be reimbursed

the salesperson gives advice. First, he buys a shopping card from the supermarket and pays with the shopping card. Then he can issue a unit invoice and write a batch of goods. A list will be attached. Items that can be reimbursed can be filled in one by one. As long as the amount of money collected is the same as the total price of wine, the list will be stamped with the official seal of the supermarket. This is how many units operate. The salesperson was outspoken

in a tea store not far from the supermarket, I saw a white gift box containing West Lake Longjing, which was very colorful. Open the gift box. There are two small gift boxes of the same style inside. If you don't fill the small gift box with more stuffing, you can see the iron pot containing tea. Asked why there were so many layers of packaging, the clerk said that the packaging was too small and too simple. It would be stingy to give someone a gift. It would look better if it was larger and more beautiful

in Nanchang Tongrentang Baisheng store, the price of ginseng ranges from 2000 yuan to 6000 yuan. A large wooden box contains a small ginseng tree, which is fixed in the box with red thread and gold silk as the backing. In another health care product counter, a box of ice bird's nest costs 444 yuan, and the six small bottles of bird's nest are not as heavy as the packaging carton. They usually buy gifts. The clerk said, of course, there are gifts with public funds

in a store of Nanchang Lvzi cuisine specialty supermarket, the salesperson showed us a black tea called Jinggangshan red, which costs 1180 yuan. There is a small gift box in the big wooden gift box. This box alone costs hundreds of yuan. He emphasized the need to build a new pro Qing relationship between government and business

frugality also requires both buyers and sellers to promote it.

many businesses make huge profits through flashy packaging, which is not only dishonest to consumers, but also a waste of resources. Ms. Tang, a citizen of Loudi, said that changing the atmosphere of excessive packaging can not only improve the social atmosphere, but also protect the natural environment

this year, AQSIQ continued to organize special inspections on commodity packaging metrology supervision in municipalities directly under the central government and provincial capital cities across the country, focusing on important holidays such as may day, the Mid Autumn Festival and the national day. At present, the supervision and inspection work is still in progress

from the current situation, the phenomenon of excessive packaging of goods has improved. Especially since the promulgation of the eight provisions of the central government this year, the market space of luxury packaging goods has narrowed, but some problems are still found. In terms of the number of packaging layers, some enterprises deliberately increase the number of packaging layers, covering small cartons, plastic boxes and large cartons layer by layer; In terms of packaging void ratio, some enterprises deliberately increase the initial packaging of commodities and reduce the internal packaging of commodities, so as to disguise excessive packaging under the condition that the volume of the external packaging of commodities remains the same, and infringe upon the interests of consumers

in the next step, AQSIQ will continue to track, supervise and inspect the excessive packaging of commodities, increase the construction of 12365 complaint reporting platform, unblock the channels for consumer complaints and reports, resolutely and severely investigate and deal with illegal packaging in the fields of wind energy, automobile, liquid gas transmission and construction found through reporting channels, mobilize the whole society to consciously resist the excessive packaging and extravagance and waste, and vigorously promote healthy, civilized The consumption concept and social fashion of saving and environmental protection

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