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Types of door and window art glass

the emergence of door and window art glass is a way for people to pursue space art. It makes good use of the transparent and transparent characteristics of glass, so it has the feeling of expanding space. Let's take a look at the types of art glass

1. Color glass

color art glass separates color art glass, which not only gives people elegant and noble contact and good texture, but also makes full use of the light transmittance of the glass to create a variety of atmospheres. In the simple and elegant space, color art glass is an important material to express exquisite and meticulous

2. Sandblasting engraved glass

sandblasting engraved glass partition is noble, elegant and stylish. Hazy and almost luxurious effects are illegally compared with other types of glass products. However, the partition carved by sand blasting has the most stringent requirements for materials. Use the durable pattern image to show the fuzzy beauty, and contrast with the other transparent parts to freely express various impressions

3. Crack effect glass

tempered glass can be used as a glass partition only after being glued by a special process after impact fragmentation. Because the glass with crack effect will not have two identical patterns, which is very consistent with the characteristics of personalized pursuit. Therefore, the pattern of cracked glass is the most important when selecting. Usually, the glass with fresh cracks is the best. After the cracked glass partition tempered glass is impacted, the whole piece of glass is naturally cracked, and then the clear glass is glued in front and back to form cracked glass. Each crack on the cracked glass is different, which has a special visual opposite impression

4. Colored glass

this is a kind of decorative glass that is widely used in home decoration at present. During the production, various patterns are drawn with a special glue, which are mainly used for non main devices, non main control systems and non key stations in large-scale engineering projects, and then the separation lines are drawn with lead oil, and finally the patterns are colored with a special glue paint. The color of painted glass is transparent, the characters are vivid and bright, and the patterns are rich and beautiful. The hard partition function is not strong, focusing on decoration

5. Carved glass

is divided into manual carving and computer carving. Manual carving makes use of the depth and turning coordination of skilled knife technique, which can better show the texture of glass and make the drawn cases feel like they are ready to come out. If it is used between the aisle and the living room, it can be separated and kept hidden

6. Ground glass

has the characteristics of lifelike image, strong three-dimensional sense and good spotlight. It can fully display fine brushwork, freehand brushwork, words, flowers, birds, insects, fish, figures and landscapes. It has national characteristics. In addition to being used as a partition, it can also be used as a curtain wall, ceiling, doors and windows, etc

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