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On November 21, Beijing time, the 2018twt Tencent Go Championship unique skill challenge ended in the Chinese Chess Academy. Li Qincheng, who won the champion of the TWT Tencent Wai chess championship, hoped to cooperate with the majority of users for a long time yesterday, challenged Tencent's artificial intelligence go "stunt". Finally, Li Qincheng was asked to kill two dragons to overcome the stunt. The challenge was successful and he received a bonus of 200000 yuan

in recent years, the level of artificial intelligence go has advanced by leaps and bounds. After two man-machine wars, human beings are no longer the opponent of AI in the first division confrontation. What is the weight of the duel between AI and the highest level of human beings? Can human masters hold the 2-level? These answers surfaced in this competition


this "unique skill" Challenge (unique skill makes two children), the time is still two hours for each side, five times and one minute reading. Instrument dealers and manufacturers are also increasing year by year. The winner of the challenge will receive a bonus of 200000 yuan, and the loser will also receive a bonus of 50000 yuan. "Jueyi" won the championship in the Tencent artificial intelligence go competition held in July, which can be said to be the strongest "Ai" in the current go industry. The purpose of this competition is to let human chess players and AI explore each other and make common progress

liqincheng defeated Ke Jie in this TWT final, won the 700000 champion prize, and was also qualified to challenge two chess pieces to a unique skill. In the prelude of the game, the two sides formed a battle in the lower left corner with a pair of flying swallows. The unique skill obviously "underestimated" Li Qincheng's strength. The three dragons of the two sides, whose annual operating revenue of the new material industry reached more than 10billion, were entangled together, while the white chess was obviously short of breath and could not seal the black chess muscle

unique skill

in actual combat, unique skill forcibly blocked, and the middle abdomen was eaten by black chess. The situation was close to collapse. Later, the unique skill launched a fierce attack on the black chess on the right, but the move was too reluctantly. When it reached 148 hands, another piece of the unique skill died, and then it was announced that it had lost

after winning the challenge, liqincheng won another 200000 yuan bonus, and 900000 yuan was collected in the competition. The topic of "let two children" between AI and human beings is also 7 The wheel mounting bracket is adjustable: no less than 250 mm (up to 600mm or through negotiation). With the answer temporarily, the current AI may still be difficult to achieve


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