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The "two sessions" will discuss the most important vehicle rights and road rights of pickup trucks. Recently, the time of the two sessions in 2018 was determined: the first session of the 13th National People's Congress will be held on March 5, and the first session of the 13th CPPCC National Committee will be held on March 3. Will the proposal on lifting the ban on pick-up trucks appear in the delegates' folders during the "two sessions" of the next year? Will the bill on lifting the restrictions on pickup truck management disappear without filing a case? This is the concern of all pickup industry and Chinese people. The annual two sessions say to the people in the pickup circle that it is like the rain expected by the drought land, but can this rain be sprinkled on the dry land of pickup? Although the proposal has failed again and again, the Chinese people are still looking forward to it in the hope that there is no answer

at the national two sessions in 2008, guozhenfu, general manager of Zhengzhou Nissan, put forward the hope that one day pickup trucks can enjoy the same treatment as passenger cars. On march5,2009, at the second session of the 11th National People's Congress, lijindian, a deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Liaoning Shuguang automobile group, submitted a proposal to the National People's Congress Committee again, proposing to lift the current policy of restricting pickup trucks from entering the city. This is the third time lijindian has submitted a proposal on this issue in a row. His proposal attracted the attention of many delegates and the media at a time when the country issued the policy of sending cars to the countryside and the national plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the automobile industry in response to the global economic crisis

On march9,2015, at the two sessions of the National People's Congress, lihaiyang, deputy to the National People's Congress and President of Liaoning Shuguang automobile group, said bluntly in an exclusive interview at his residence: "I have always wondered why relevant domestic policies have restricted the development and promotion of pickup truck models. Based on the technical performance and market demand of current pickup truck models, I believe that the existing pickup truck restriction policies should be completely abolished."

on March 10, 2016, during the two sessions, zhaoshanshui, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of YITUO Group, put forward three suggestions at the two sessions: first, re verify the classification range of pickup trucks, separate pickup trucks from the classification of trucks, and refer to the management standards of passenger cars for the production management and traffic management of pickup trucks. 2、 The policy of lifting the ban or relaxing the restrictions on pickup trucks entering the city is conducive to promoting the integrated development of urban and rural areas, so that vehicle buyers, especially rural buyers, can reduce the repeated investment in purchasing vehicles. 3、 Give some policy support to the enterprises that produce and sell pickup trucks, and provide more preferential policies in the export tax rebate of pickup trucks, so as to promote the overseas market expansion of pickup truck industry

since then, Lijianxin, a deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Hunan Changfeng Group Co., Ltd., has made another voice a few days ago, suggesting that China should fully liberalize the entry of pickup trucks into cities and promote the construction of urban-rural integration. Lijianxin said: "whether as a means of transportation or a means of production, pickup trucks have a very wide range of adaptability in rural areas. At present, most parts of the country have not yet let pickup trucks go into cities, which is unfavorable to the construction of urban-rural integration." He then pointed out that if China could fully lift the ban on pickup trucks, it would play a positive role in promoting people's livelihood, logistics, urbanization, automobile industry structure and many other aspects, "there are benefits but no harm."

2017, xuxiaoping, a deputy to the National People's Congress from SAIC Group, was also in March Strong scalability: including user independent programming During the two sessions, he made a written proposal "suggestions on accelerating the process of restricting and lifting the ban on pickup trucks", and put forward his own thoughts on the core issues related to pickup trucks, such as increasing pilot cities in first tier cities, canceling mandatory scrapping, improving the annual review system, and issuing classification standards

over the years, representatives of the two sessions have proposed to call for the lifting of the ban. How far is the spring of pickup truck in China

it seems that the "lifting of the ban" on pickup trucks has become a "knot" that will never be solved in China's automobile industry. Over the years, the "one paper" proposal made by the representatives of the two sessions of the pickup industry can be described as the voice of many pickup manufacturers. Pickup trucks have been subjected to "discriminatory" treatment in many large and medium-sized cities in China. The restriction on pickup trucks in cities has become the biggest bottleneck in the development of China's pickup truck market. However, what disappoints the Chinese people again is that these proposals that benefit the country and the people are still dead and disappeared

for a long time, due to historical reasons, China's automobile classification standard still can not be in line with the world's automobiles. It still mistakenly classified pickup trucks with physical characteristics of passenger cars as trucks in accordance with the planned economy model of the former Soviet Union, and unrealistically believed that pickup truck emissions are not conducive to environmental protection, not conducive to improving the city's image and a series of discriminatory vehicle management policies, It has brought a serious negative impact on the development of pickup truck market, making pickup truck the most niche market in China's automobile market

in recent years, under the pressure of continuous upgrading of environmental protection, it has taken less than 10 years for pickup trucks to change their emission standards from national one to national five. At the same time, driven by the increasing competition in the industry, the products have been revolutionary upgraded, the passenger car configuration has been comprehensively improved, and the technical content is comparable to that of the mid-range SUV. Not only the environmental protection standards, safety standards, strong power, but also the fuel economy has been greatly improved. For example, domestic medium and high-end pickups have been equipped with 6at automatic transmission, keyless entry, one key start, automatic air conditioning, constant speed cruise, 6-way electric heating seats and other intelligent technology configurations that can be seen in high configuration cars. The combination of body structure, gasoline, diesel, 2WD, 4WD, manual and automatic gears, high and low chassis and other free products allows users to have more personalized choices

as an all-round model with practical value, domestic pickup trucks have been comparable with passenger cars in terms of product quality and after-sales service. In addition, it can be modified to fully meet the personalized needs of car owners while handling comfortably. From the perspective of practical layers, such as high elongation of polymer materials, at present, Chinese pickup trucks are compatible with passengers and merchants, realizing the goal of "one vehicle for three vehicles". Pickup trucks have multiple functions in the supply chain construction of all recycled plastic processing, such as commuting, transportation, travel, cross-country, etc., with full practical value in daily life. Furthermore, pickup trucks can be called the "king of cost performance" in the automotive industry. Users have exceeded the basic demands of functional practicality, The more fashionable and personalized products are pursued, which has a higher and newer demand for pickup products in the new era of consumption upgrading

the world's leading and best-selling pickup truck for a century is characterized by comfort, versatility and versatility, which makes it a very suitable model for urban and rural residents in China - taking into account the needs of business and home and improving the quality of life. The advantage of "one car with multiple uses" of pickup truck is in line with the functions of automotive products in the world. This process can apply rare earth metals such as cerium to the trend of deep integration of composite vehicles in the production of improved nylon. The vigorous promotion of pickup trucks can effectively slow down the surge in the number of cars in big cities, reduce the pressure on licensing, alleviate road congestion, and help save energy and protect the environment. In addition, the lifting of the ban on pickups in cities is very suitable for the upgrading of urban logistics, promoting logistics innovation mode, improving logistics speed and logistics safety. In addition, at present, almost all domestic mainstream pickup truck brands have entered the international market. Pickup trucks have become an important part of China's auto enterprises to explore overseas markets. At the same time, they have also become one of the engines that mainly drive the positive growth rate of China's auto market in recent years

in 2017, the global pickup truck market was about 6million, of which the annual sales of pickup trucks in the U.S. market was nearly 3million, accounting for about 15% of the U.S. auto sales; The sales volume of pick-up trucks in Thailand market is about 400000, accounting for half of the sales volume of cars in Thailand. As the world's largest automobile consumer market, China's pickup truck sales in 2017 only exceeded 400000, accounting for only about 1% of the total automobile market share, presenting an embarrassment that the industry development deviates from the current market demand, which is incompatible with and runs counter to the general trend of world automobile development. It can be seen that the development situation of pickup trucks at home and abroad is in sharp contrast. From the perspective of foreign markets, pickup truck is a mainstream car. It can be used as a production tool, a living tool and a leisure tool. But for a long time, pickup truck has always been regarded as a non mainstream marginal model in the domestic automobile market

during the two sessions in 2016, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued the notice on carrying out pilot projects to relax restrictions on pickup trucks entering cities and promote pickup truck consumption (an urgent document), specifying that pilot projects to relax restrictions on pickup trucks entering cities should be carried out in Hebei, Liaoning, Henan and Yunnan provinces. In late January 2017, Hubei and Xinjiang were newly added to the pilot program of lifting the ban on pickup trucks in cities, expanding from four provinces to five provinces and one autonomous region. At present, the lifting of the ban in these pilot provinces has stimulated the growth of the local pickup truck market and promoted the recovery of the two digit growth rate in the previous year and last year

in 2017, although the pilot areas for lifting the ban on pick-up trucks were not expanded, favorable policies related to the vital interests and feelings of pick-up truck users came one after another. Among them, the most gratifying thing for the majority of users is that the pickup truck can finally cancel the body spray and reflective strips. Since January 1 this year, pickup trucks are no longer under the same management as ordinary trucks, and the restrictions of spraying words on the body and pasting reflective strips have been cancelled. In addition, by the end of 2018, China will cancel the road transport certificate and driver qualification certificate for ordinary freight vehicles with a total mass of 4.5 tons or less, and pickup trucks will no longer need to apply for a troublesome operation certificate. In addition, the elimination of yellow label cars and the emergence of provinces that handle Expressway etc electronic labels for pickup trucks have brought real benefits to domestic pickup truck users, further promoted the prosperity and development of the domestic pickup truck industry, and had a favorable impact on the promotion of pickup truck lifting policy

to sum up, the author believes that the conditions for the comprehensive lifting of the ban on pickups across the country at this stage are becoming more and more mature. As for when the ban will be lifted, the test is the ruling efficiency. The government should remove the policy hoop that has been on the pickups for many years. As long as the management of pickup truck entering the city is effectively strengthened, it will not bring problems to the management of the city, but also facilitate the entry of farmers and agricultural products into the city. It is of great significance to improve the happiness index of people's livelihood, promote urban and rural innovative transportation management and modern logistics construction, and promote the integrated development of urban and rural areas. The comprehensive lifting of the ban on pick-up trucks will play a positive role in promoting people's livelihood, logistics, urbanization, automobile industry structure and many other aspects. It will be beneficial to China's real economy and automobile industry

at present, the pickup truck industry cannot expect that in the "two sessions" this time, if a representative makes a proposal again, it may sink into the sea as before, and it cannot expect that this year or the next few years, it will conditionally open up a handful of provinces to do pilot projects, which is certainly an unreliable so-called "favor" with conditional restrictions. Only when the pickup truck is stripped from the truck directory and included in the passenger car directory (announcement), can it be treated correctly in identity, enjoy the same vehicle rights and row as passenger cars, adopt the same environmental protection standards, safety standards and testing standards, and the traffic management department no longer formulates restrictive policies for pickup trucks, can it give pickup enterprises fair market competition opportunities

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