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At a glance of the key development directions of AI in 2019, what changes will AI bring

Editor's note: AI technology will continue to change the world. In 2019, AI applications will not only continue to grow in global popularity, but also carry out deeper dialogues around important themes, promote innovative business models, and affect society in new ways, including the development of the following seven aspects

there is no doubt that 2018 is an important year for the development of (AI), because it further promotes the mainstream applications of and successfully realizes the automation of providing more functions. More and more enterprises are exploring applications, and the public is used to interacting with AI technology every day

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AI technology will continue to change the world. In 2019, AI applications will not only continue to grow in global popularity, but also carry out deeper dialogues around important themes, promote innovative business models, and affect society in new ways, including the development of the following seven aspects

1. Machine extruders will be deployed more widely. According to the number of screws, they can be divided into single screw extruder, twin screw extruder and multi screw extruder learning as a service (mlaas)

in 2018, people witnessed the significant progress of machine learning as a service (mlaas), and Industry giants such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon took the lead all the way. Pre built machine learning solutions and capabilities are becoming more and more attractive in the market, especially for small companies that do not have more internal resources or talents, there is a great opportunity to sell and deploy packaged solutions that can be easily implemented

nowadays, machine learning as a service (mlaas) is mainly sold by cloud computing providers in the form of subscription or use. For example, Microsoft azure's ml

Studio provides developers with a drag and drop environment to develop powerful machine learning models. Google cloud's machine learning engine can also help developers build large and complex algorithms for various applications. In 2017, AWS entered the field of artificial intelligence and launched Amazon sagemaker, another platform that developers can use to build, train and deploy custom machine learning models

in 2019 and beyond, we are ready to provide machine learning as a service (mlaas) in a wider range. Transparency market research predicts that by 2025, it will grow to $20billion at an astonishing compound annual growth rate of 40%

2. More interpretable or "transparent" AI will be developed

although there are many examples of AI affecting our world, it is still a challenge to explain the output and basic principles of complex machine learning models

unfortunately, AI is still a "black box", which becomes a huge limiting factor when people want to understand the basic principles behind AI supporting decision-making

The democratization of artificial intelligence is led by many open source tools and libraries, such as scik114 geotechnical materials it

learn, tensorflow, pytorch, etc. The open source community will be responsible for building interpretable or "transparent" Ai, which can clearly record its logic, expose deviations in the data set, and provide answers to subsequent questions

before artificial intelligence is widely adopted, people need to know that technology can work effectively and explain its reasoning in any case

3. AI will affect the global political landscape

in 2019, AI will play a greater role on the global stage, affecting the relationship between international superpowers investing in this technology. Early adopters of AI (such as the United States and China) will strive to balance their own interests with collaborative research and development. Countries with talent and machine learning capabilities will achieve huge growth in areas such as forecasting and analysis, resulting in a larger technology gap

in addition, more dialogues will be launched around the ethical use of artificial intelligence. Of course, different countries will deal with this issue in different ways, which will affect political relations. In general, AI has less impact than other international issues, but it is more obvious than before

4. AI will create more jobs

in the long run, many jobs will be eliminated due to the automation of AI. Jobs characterized by repeatability and human tasks will be increasingly outsourced to AI. However, in 2019, AI will create more jobs

AI is not to completely eliminate the need for staff, but to strengthen existing systems and processes. Therefore, there will be new jobs of antibacterial plastics in the market. Human beings are needed to support the realization of artificial intelligence and supervise its application. In 2019, more manual workers will turn to management jobs that work together with AI, and this trend will continue until 2020. Gartner, a research organization, predicts that AI will create 2.3 million jobs in two years, while only 1.8 million jobs will be reduced

5. AI assistants will become more common and useful

AI assistants are not new to the modern world. Siri of apple and Alexa of Amazon have been serving mankind for many years. In 2019, people will see the maturity and ability of AI assistants continue to improve. As more behavioral data is collected, AI assistants will become better at responding to requests and completing tasks. With the development and progress of natural language processing and speech recognition, human beings will have a smoother and more useful interaction with AI assistants

in 2018, people saw more manufacturers launch more promising new AI assistants. Recently, Google began to launch voice reservation service duplex, which can call and book reservations on behalf of users. Technology companies have created two AI personal assistants: Amy and Andrew, who can interact with humans and arrange meetings for their hosts. Amazon also recently released echo

auto, which allows drivers to integrate Alexa into their car's smart devices. However, mankind will continue to put expectations ahead of reality and be disappointed by the limitations of technology

6. AI/machine learning governance will become important

as more and more enterprises invest in AI, more energy will be invested in developing an effective AI governance structure. A framework is needed to guide data collection and management, appropriate AI use, and ethical applications. The successful and appropriate use of AI involves many different stakeholders, emphasizing the need for a reliable and consistent management organization

in 2019, more organizations will create governance structures and define more clearly how to manage the progress and implementation of AI. Given the current gap in interpretability, these structures will become extremely important as humans continue to turn to artificial intelligence to support decision-making

7. AI will help enterprises solve the problem of talent shortage

the shortage of AI and machine learning talents is causing innovation bottlenecks

A survey released by O'Reilly company last year showed that the biggest challenge faced by enterprises in using AI is the lack of available talents. With the continuous acceleration of technological progress, it is increasingly difficult for enterprises to cultivate talents who can lead the artificial intelligence work of large enterprises

in order to solve this problem, it is ironic that organizations will use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help solve the talent gap in 2019. For example, Google cloud's automl includes machine learning products that can help developers train machine learning models without any AI coding experience. Amazon

personalize is another machine learning service that helps developers build complex personalized systems that can be implemented by different types of enterprises in a variety of ways. In addition, enterprises will use artificial intelligence to find talents, fill job vacancies, and promote innovation forward

Artificial Intelligence in 2019: bigger and better, pay more attention to checks and balances

in 2019, artificial intelligence will be more popular and powerful than ever before. People 3. Machines and equipment should not be placed near areas with high temperature or sun exposure. They will face new applications and challenges, and are ready for further inspection and checks and balances

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