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The top ten global AI financing events in 2018: the highest single round of over 15billion

in recent years, China's AI industry can be said to be two hot and cold days. On the one hand, there are AI giants such as Yuncong technology and Shangtang technology that continue to obtain financing, and on the other hand, there is the intensive collapse of AI start-ups. According to the 2017 China US AI venture capital status and Trends Research Report, as of June 2017, The total number of closed enterprises in China and the United States has exceeded 50

at present, there are about 4000 AI enterprises in China. In 2017, Chinese AI start-ups received a total financing of more than 50billion yuan, but they can be favored by investors, about less than one third

according to foreign media reports, in only one round of financing in 2018, three U.S. companies raised more than $600million in venture capital, and the total financing of U.S. start-ups will exceed $100billion for the first time in 2018. Among them, Softbank and youbixuan have played a key role in many financing transactions

2018 is an extraordinary year for AI and robot industry. The most favored fields of the industry include autonomous vehicle, image recognition, video recognition, logistics, and the automation of hardened steel used to support the support of samples and the indenter applied with load

several enterprises are particularly prominent, such as cruise automation, Dajiang innovation, Yuncong technology, Shangtang technology, and Uber

let's review the classic AI financing transactions in 2018


1. On May 9, 2018, Dajiang innovation strategic financing was 6.9 billion yuan, with a valuation of 100 billion yuan

on May 9, 2018, Shenzhen based Dajiang innovation finally announced the latest round of financing plan. The maverick Dajiang adopted an unusual financing method, namely bidding financing, requiring investors to subscribe for a certain amount of equity and actively bid for a high proportion of bonds, Moreover, the bond is a three-year overseas interest free bond, which means that investors should give the investment money to Dajiang for free without charging interest at all

the leading investors (about fiveorsix) have divided up the fixed amount of increase, with each contributing at least US $100 million. In this round of financing, the list of institutional investors entering the third round is no more than 20, and the d/b ratio is 1.5. The customer demand is constantly changing: 1. The financing limit reaches 1billion US dollars

in the past two years, the global consumer UAV enterprises have been in cold water. For example, the American veteran UAV manufacturer 3D robotics announced that it had completely stopped producing UAVs and turned to software development; Domestic companies such as Haoxiang, Yihang and zero degrees have been exposed successively about layoffs; French parrot has also experienced layoffs and transformation to commercial UAVs

at present, the weakness of competitors worldwide has made Dajiang's performance in 2017 grow against the trend, and its market share has increased to more than 80%. This also makes Dajiang further consolidate its leading position in the consumer UAV market

2, 2018/10/08 cloud from technology b+ round 1billion yuan valuation 23billion yuan

on October 8, 2018, China's artificial intelligence "national team" cloud from technology announced the completion of b+ round financing, China National News Corporation, Guoke holdings and other national capital entered, with a total amount of more than 1billion yuan, and a cumulative financing of more than 3.5 billion yuan. This round of financing raised the cloud from the valuation to 23billion yuan. In addition, due to its architecture and business advantages, it is rumored that cloud technology has officially entered the green channel of the science and innovation board

cloudwalk, founded in 2015 and headquartered in Guangzhou, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on intelligent perception and artificial intelligence technology. Yuncong technology is the first AI enterprise to undertake the national AI basic platform, AI application platform and AI core chip platform at the same time

Yuncong technology has a three-level R & D structure consisting of five R & D centers in Chongqing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Suzhou and Guangzhou, two joint laboratories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Jiaotong University, and cutting-edge laboratories in Silicon Valley, with more than 700 R & D personnel. It has established a closed-loop technology that includes intelligent perception technologies such as face recognition, cross mirror tracking, vehicle recognition, posture recognition, speech recognition and character recognition, as well as cognitive decision-making technologies such as big data analysis, knowledge map and character portrait, and has refreshed many world records

according to media reports, cloud has mastered the entry of core industries such as finance and security from technology, went deep into the industry, and provided solutions covering the whole scene. At present, Yuncong technology is the largest AI supplier of Bank of China, Public Security Bureau and airport

3. On May 15, 2018, the a-round of Xingxing technology was 812 million yuan, with a valuation of 7billion yuan

on May 15, 2018, the driverless start-up company Shenzhen Xingxing Technology () announced that it had completed a-round financing of US $128million (about 812 million yuan). This round of financing was jointly led by Shuanghu capital and Shenzhen Venture Capital Group, and the old shareholder yunqi capital, as well as China Merchants Bank International and Yuanjing capital

this financing was the highest financing amount announced in the domestic driverless field at that time. Previously, this record was maintained by Xiaoma Zhixing (), a well-known company in the field of automatic monomer driving with a variety of side chains and carbon chain lengths. The latter announced a round of financing of US $112million at the beginning of this year. After this round of financing, it was declared to be the start-up company with the highest valuation in the domestic driverless field

along with this financing, it will also release its first generation of driverless technology solutions for domestic complex urban roads - Aries (sharp). This product is also the world's first driverless level 4 solution equipped with pure Chinese made lidar, which has advantages in cost control

4. On January 12, 2018, the a-round of Xiaoma Zhihang was valued at rmb768million

on January 22, 2018, the domestic autonomous driving technology company Xiaoma Zhihang () announced that it had obtained $112million (about rmb768million) in the a-round financing. This round of financing was jointly led by Chenxing capital and Junlian capital, and Sequoia Capital China fund, the leading investor of the seed round, and IDG capital, the following investor, also participated in the investment again. Other investors include Hongtai capital, Lenovo star, PwC capital, Qichen capital, DCM, Comcast ventures and Silicon Valley future capital

Xiaoma Zhixing is a start-up enterprise that opened the self driving test drive experience to the public, jointly founded by Peng Jun, the chief architect of Baidu's self driving division, and Lou Tiancheng, the main engineer, at the end of 2016. Obtained the California road test license in June 2017. In October 2017, China headquarters was set up in Hangzhou, and the self driving fleet was tested on public roads in December 2017. In June, 2018, the company announced that it had obtained the T3 level license of Beijing automatic driving road test, which will promote the landing of driverless vehicles in Beijing

according to the official news, at present, its trial vehicles have received more than 1000 passengers, covering about 30 square kilometers of urban public roads

5. On May 3, 2018, Hesai technology B round was 250million yuan, with a valuation of 4billion yuan

on May 3, 2018, domestic lidar manufacturer Hesai technology announced that it had completed a 250million yuan round B financing, led by Lightspeed China and Baidu. The financing will be mainly used in two aspects: increasing the output of mechanical lidar such as pandar 40 to meet the growing market demand; Accelerate the mass production of solid-state lidar pandar GT and make it meet the vehicle specification standard as soon as possible. As of this financing, Hesai technology has completed three rounds of financing totaling hundreds of millions of yuan

in May last year, Hesai technology completed a round of financing of 110million yuan led by pagoda investment, followed by Jiangmen venture capital, Pangu venture capital and farsighted capital

Hesai technology was founded in San Jose, Silicon Valley in the United States in 2013 and settled in Shanghai in 2014. The main business of the company involves autonomous laser radar, laser natural gas telemetry system, etc. Hesai technology has gathered top experts in many cutting-edge industries, such as optics, precision machinery, electronics, communications, artificial intelligence, etc. Since the end of 2016, Hesai has launched three laser radars for driverless driving. At present, Hesai technology's product line includes lidar pandar40 (Mechanical), pandar GT (solid state), Pandora (multi-sensor fusion) for driverless and robots, and laser telemetry system for safety inspection in the energy industry


1, 2018/10/08 cruise automation strategic investment of 2.25 billion US dollars, with a valuation of 11.5 billion US dollars

cruise automation is an American company focusing on automatic driving. It was founded in 2013 and raised about 20million US dollars in the following three years

in May, 2018, Softbank vision fund, which invests in the field of science and technology, plans to invest $2.25 billion in cruise automation, an autonomous division that has been acquired by general motors at a price of $1 billion in May 2016. At the same time, General Motors continued to add $1.1 billion to cruise automation to speed up the process of bringing its autonomous vehicle to the market

after the final completion of this investment, Softbank of Japan will hold 19.6% of cruise automation. The valuation of cruise automation also reached US $11.5 billion

GM cruiseautomation's autonomous vehicle is undergoing actual road tests in San Francisco, Detroit and other places in the United States. At the same time, it is also preparing for mass production of a fully autonomous vehicle without steering wheel and brake pedal

in October, 2018, Honda announced that it would invest a total of $2.75 billion in cruise to jointly develop driverless technology. However, this investment is divided into two stages: Honda first invested $750million in cruise at one time, and then will continue to invest $2billion in 12 years

2. 2018/01/05 Uber f round of $1.2 billion, with an estimated value of $110billion

uber is a technology company in Silicon Valley in the United States. Founded in 2009, Uber is famous for its taxi app with the same name. In 2018, it carried out the largest round of financing, a single round of $1.2 billion Softbank investment negotiations, and its related media coverage around it began in 2017, but the transaction was officially completed in January, 2018. The second round is mainly for pre IPO

according to a number of media reports in the United States, Uber has secretly submitted its IPO application on December 5, preparing to be listed and traded in the first quarter of 2019. On the same day, LYFT, its competitor in the fields of taxi application and automatic driving, also submitted an IPO application and launched the listing process

according to a previous report by the financial times, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, two Wall Street investment banks, are expected to value it as high as $120billion, which may become the world's largest IPO next year. The valuation is more than the combined market value of general motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler

3. On May 31, 2018, Shangtang technology c+ round was valued at $620million, with a valuation of $20billion

on May 31, 2018, Shangtang technology sensetime announced the completion of the c+ round of financing of $620million, with the participation of a number of foreign investment institutions and strategic partners. The joint lead investors include Hopu investment, Silver Lake investment, Laohu fund, Fidelity International, etc., and Qualcomm venture capital, poly capital, Shimao Group, etc. as strategic investors. As of that time, Shangtang technology had a total financing of more than US $1billion and a valuation of more than US $15billion, and continued to maintain the position of artificial intelligence Unicorn with the largest total financing and the highest valuation in the world

sensetime (Shangtang Technology), founded in 2014, is an innovative technology company dedicated to computer vision and in-depth learning of original technologies, holding company

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