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Listed companies have frequently made efforts to improve the construction industry of photovoltaic power stations

listed companies have frequently made efforts to improve the construction industry of photovoltaic power stations

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since 2015, A-share photovoltaic concept companies have frequently made targeted additional offerings to implement the construction business of photovoltaic power stations. Industry insiders said that with the promotion of policies to promote the development of distributed power stations and new concepts such as "interconnection +", the photovoltaic industry will enter a strong development cycle

dense layout photovoltaic power generation

compared with large-scale ground power stations, distributed photovoltaic power stations have outstanding advantages in terms of convenience and potential market size. Both policy and enterprise have high hopes for distributed photovoltaic power generation. At the beginning of this year, the National Energy Administration issued the case of the implementer of photovoltaic power generation construction in 2015 in recent years, raising the scale of photovoltaic construction in 2015 to 17.8 GW, with a year-on-year increase of 67.9%. The construction of photovoltaic power stations has been substantially promoted

according to the statistical data of Wande, in the first half of this year, 17 of the 33 A-share photovoltaic power generation concept companies implemented private placement. Except for the fixed increase fund-raising of Dagang shares and lucky film to repay bank loans and expand solar cell backplane projects, the remaining 15 listed companies were all used for photovoltaic power station projects

from the fixed growth cases that have been implemented, among the photovoltaic listed companies that completed the fixed growth in the first half of this year, the largest financing scale is Yijing optoelectronics and Topri Xinneng, with raised funds of 1.201 billion yuan and 1.194 billion yuan respectively

according to incomplete statistics, five companies have invested in photovoltaic power generation projects since June alone. Dongfang Energy announced on June 17 that it plans to register and establish Laiyuan Dongfang new energy power generation Co., Ltd. to invest in the construction of Laiyuan 30 MW photovoltaic power generation project. Longji also announced on the same day that the company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yingli Green Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. to solve these problems of low industry concentration and develop the photovoltaic industry. The day before, Longji also signed an investment cooperation agreement on photovoltaic power generation projects with the Changdu development and Reform Commission of the Tibet Autonomous Region

in addition, Jiangsu Kuangda, aerospace Electromechanical, etc. have also issued announcements this month to raise funds to invest in photovoltaic power station projects

the recovery of the industry drives the improvement of performance

in fact, since the second half of last year, the enthusiasm of listed companies to layout distributed photovoltaic power station projects has increased, which directly drives the improvement of the performance of Companies in the photovoltaic industry. The industry has pointed out that with the implementation of a number of subsidy policies one by one, the photovoltaic industry has gradually come out of the trough, and the overall prosperity of the industry is improving

as of June 24, 14 A-share photovoltaic power generation concept companies have predicted the mid-2015 performance, of which 10 companies are popular, accounting for as much as 70%. This also means that the domestic photovoltaic industry is warming up in an all-round way

the good expectation of photovoltaic concept company on the interim report performance has been foreboding. Statistics show that in the first quarter of this year, nearly 70% of photovoltaic listed enterprises achieved good results, of which 30% were enterprises with net profit growth of more than 50%

the direct reason why photovoltaic power stations attract capital investment is that they are much higher than the investment income of photovoltaic manufacturing industry. At present, in the whole photovoltaic industry chain, the internal rate of return of power station development is 8% to 10%, which is much higher than that of photovoltaic manufacturing industry; In addition, investment in photovoltaic power stations can also stimulate enterprises to digest the capacity of battery modules

take Aikang technology as an example, the company's revenue in 2014 was 3.001 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 55.5%, and its net profit soared by 988.6% year-on-year to 92.02 million yuan. Among them, the manufacturing sector increased by 54%, while the power station business sector increased by 164%. The gross profit of power station business increased from 17.8% in 2013 to 23% in 2014. The corresponding average level of the whole industry in 2014 was only 10%

at present, China's photovoltaic power generation accounts for 0.46% of China's total power generation, with huge growth space

"Internet +" improves prosperity

insiders generally believe that the photovoltaic industry will enter a strong cycle in 2015 and benefit the entire industry chain

in the short and medium term, the above trend will also effectively resolve the previous excessive dependence of domestic photovoltaic capacity on exports. But in the long run, the "energy revolution" will escort the "sustainable" development of photovoltaic power station construction

on the one hand, the incentive intention of the policy towards distributed photovoltaic is obvious. The 2015 implementation plan for photovoltaic power generation construction shows that all regions are encouraged to give priority to the construction of distributed photovoltaic power station projects with a voltage level of 35 kV and below (66 kV and below in Northeast China), a single project capacity of no more than 20000 kW, and the generated power is mainly consumed in the parallel substation area; At the same time, it is clearly encouraged to combine the ecological spring to change the experimental machine and the installed standard torque meter into reasonable configuration projects such as working state management, facility agriculture, fishery breeding, poverty alleviation and development, and give priority to the projects with good electricity access and market consumption conditions and recent commencement conditions. This means that in addition to directly stimulating the investment in upstream industries, industries such as power and electrical equipment, agriculture, power construction, building materials, etc. will also benefit greatly

on the other hand, in view of the fact that the exploration of energy interconnection in Chinese enterprises has started, photovoltaic power generation can also participate in the combination of distributed energy and interconnection. With the concept of "interconnection +" in the ascendant, the photovoltaic industry has a long-term investment boom

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