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The Taiwan energy administration plans to create a high-quality list of photovoltaic modules

it is reported that the Taiwan Energy Administration recently created a high-quality list of solar photovoltaic modules and began to accept manufacturers' applications for login. The official table shows that the quality of solar modules is different. The list of high-quality solar modules established by official certification can be provided to the general public for reference, and can also be used as a reference for the financial industry when lending. It is generally believed that maodi and yingmaoda, who have overseas achievements, have a high probability of being included in the high-quality list

the energy administration has announced the "key points for the registration of solar photovoltaic module products". The upgrading of the manufacturer's material testing machine is that as long as the products are sent to the verification institution or laboratory approved by the Ministry of energy for testing, and the verification data are confirmed by the review meeting of the energy administration, the manufacturer can be registered in the list of the Ministry of energy

the energy administration also pointed out that at this stage, it is also developing the key points for the login operation of photovoltaic systems such as the sun, but its complexity is higher than that of components, and there is no relevant international verification standard, so the attitude of the industry tends to be conservative. However, the Ministry of economic affairs believes that the establishment of key points for the login operation of solar systems will help improve the competitiveness of domestic enterprises, so the time point for the draft to be released, The goal will be to ensure the accuracy of experimental data by the end of the year

according to the statistics of the energy administration, the number of applications for solar energy installations by ordinary people in Taiwan was 1156 last year, and the number of installations was 18mW; From January to the end of August this year, the number of applications was 905, and the number of devices was 11.4mw. Zhonghua glass () Department

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