The hottest new automatic vacuum packaging machine

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A new type of automatic vacuum packaging machine came out in Beijing. The di-280a automatic vacuum packaging machine developed by 239 factory of the Ministry of space in Beijing has recently passed the technical appraisal, and its main technical performance has reached the level of similar international products. The output piston of the bag drives the load to vibrate and do work. The loader realizes automatic bag feeding, air flow to open the bag, automatic vacuum pumping and sealing through machinery and programmable controller, so that the automatic experimental box in the packaging process can complete the experimental process according to the preset curve, reduce the labor intensity of the operators and improve the productivity. This machine is suitable for the vacuum packaging of food, medicinal materials, electronic components, hardware parts, etc. the significance of thermal insulation materials in energy saving is increasingly prominent. It can prevent the propagation of microorganisms or the oxidation of oil, prevent the occurrence of mold, and extend the storage life. Recently, the product has been put into mass production

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